How to treat acne when you are pregnant

Skin anomalies can affect people in many ages, as it is. Acne and pimples are possibly the most common, but annoying skin problems affecting billions of people worldwide. For most people, including women, acne is a part of growing up. However, those women who think they have left it with puberty behind, the truth is quite unsettling! Acne can recur in almost any age, but a lot of women cope with it after conceiving. This occurs because pregnancy triggers unprecedented hormonal changes in the human body and those affect skin health.

Treating acne in pregnancy

There are several solutions and treatments available for acne but not all of them are suitable for women who have conceived. During pregnancy, you cannot just use any OTC acne solution in topical and other ways. These products often contain strong chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on your body and also impact fetus development in adverse ways. It is necessary to be careful when dealing with acne and allied skin problems when you are pregnant.

Here are some safe ways to treat acne in pregnancy:

  • Keeping skin free of oil- Excess sebum secretion leads to acne most of the times. In pregnancy, the hormonal flow shoots up and this often leads to excess sebum production under the skin layers. Skin pores get clogged by sebum, oil and dirt and lead to formation of acne. So, it is imperative that you keep skin clear of such things. Using oil free moisturizer and soap free cleanser is advisable. It is also advisable that you reduce or stop using excess makeup and products that can clog skin pore.
  • Drinking plenty of water- It is necessary that you keep drinking plenty of fluid including water when you are pregnant. This helps flush out toxins from the body and keeps skin clear of eruptions too. However, drinking aerated drinks and caffeine-laced drinks is not ideal.
  • Natural remedies- The majority of natural remedies for acne can be tried in pregnancy too, unless you are allergic to certain herbs or plant extracts!
    • Honey, for example, is a proven and powerful natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. You can use organic or raw honey to get rid of acne in a safe way. You may use a bit of crushed camphor in honey and then apply it on acne spot on face and body. Keep it on till skin feels dry and tight. Then, wash off with lukewarm water. This can be done twice a day.
    • Lemon with honey, can also be used to get rid of skin issues in pregnancy. You can mix lemon juice to raw honey and then apply it on acne. Let it dry and then wash off with water. It is also fine if you mix lemon juice with some virgin coconut oil and then apply the mixture on acne. Coconut oil has anti fungal properties and can be of use in treating skin problems like acne.

It is also necessary that you adhere to a proper diet to tackle acne and allied skin problems in pregnancy. This should be done carefully as cutting down healthy fats and nutrients from the diet is risky for a pregnant woman. Consulting with a diet expert and dermatologist can be helpful for such needs.