Kids grow up quickly. Before you know it, they are taking their driving test and asking for the keys so they can pick up their friends to head to school, the movies, the mall, etc. If you’re lucky, they will return the car with some gas left for you.

Don’t worry; there’s an app that will help your teen driver find the nearest (and cheapest) gas stations. Also, a number of apps help keep teen drivers safer on the road.

Teen driving


As mentioned, if you’re lucky, your teen will return the car with at least some gas left. Since they are not making the big bucks yet it serves them well to know the location of the nearest stations that offer the best prices. The iGasUp app reveals a number of stations in the vicinity and alerts drivers of real time prices.

My Max Speed

In the past, parents reluctantly placed the car keys in their kids hand while keeping their fingers crossed, hoping kids would drive at a reasonable and safe speed. Today, parents know exactly how fast kids are going with the My Max Speed app. It keep a real time log of ongoing speeds and comes in handy in the event of your child getting an unwarranted speeding ticket.


It’s every parent’s nightmare; your son or daughter may be involved in an auto accident. Of course, your first concern is their safety and health. In the event of an accident, consider hiring car accident lawyers such as Craig, Kelley, & Faultless to ensure your family is compensated for any related injuries and inconvenience. Teen drivers will have to keep details of the accident to relay to the police and insurance agency. The iWrecked app is great for logging details for later retrieval.

Repair Pal

If your teen is involved in a fender bender or accidentally creates a dent while backing out of a parking lot, you’ll need to get the car repaired. However, how will you know if you’re getting a good deal or not? A trusted mechanic can be hard to find. The RepairPal app gives you estimates so you’ll have knowledge about price before heading to the garage.


If your child is using the car to get to school or work, knowing about potential hazards and traffic jams keeps them safer and gets them to their destinations on time. Teens will want to pick up their friends on the way to school, and if they run into traffic on the way, it can make them late for school, which leads to detention, etc. Waze keeps teens up-to- date about road conditions and the volume of traffic.

TomTom USA and Canada

Your teen may not know where they are going to college or which major to select, but they will always know where they are headed when behind the wheel with the TomTom app. Based off of the manufacturer’s navigational device, the smartphone app works with or without Internet access.


This app is great for teens and adults who live by or frequently visit metropolitan areas with a plethora of parking meters. The Honk app alerts you of when the meter is about to expire and helps you find where the car is parked. You won’t have to worry about your teen getting a parking ticket, or worse, getting the car towed!

Robert Wyatt is a driving instructor and Dad to twin boys who have both just passed their driving test. Naturally he worries, but hopes he’s taught them well. He writes driving related articles for various blogs in his spare time.