Many species of poisonous spiders can be found all over the country, but can you spot which ones are poisonous and which ones are harmless when you come across them? Here is a guide to some of the most common dangerous spiders to be on the look out for around your home.

Black Widow

The Black Widow is found all over the USA. It can have a very painful bite, but not always, and it can also be deadly. Its poison attacks the nervous system, though an anti-venom is available. Symptoms can include a headache, vomiting, and hypertension among others.

It is about half an inch in length, and it is black with a red marking underneath. It is typically found in wood piles, underneath stones, in sheds, and in basements.

If you spot one, you will want to make sure there are no more around, so you may want to hire a specialist. There are various pest control solutions, including a spider pest control expert, so this could be a good option if you are worried about these in your home.

Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is not found in the north of the country, but it is common in the south. You can identify the Brown Recluse by the marking on its back in the shape of a violin. It’s bite can be deadly, and the bite can also cause necrosis. It is less than an inch in length, and it has six eyes, making it easy to identify.

Hobo Spider

This is another venomous spider. Its bite can be painless at first, but it can be serious. It usually turns into a blister after a day, and other symptoms are a headache, nausea, and fatigue. The body is less than an inch in length. It is not found all over the country, and where it is found, it will usually be at ground level or in basements.

Yellow Sac Spider

The Yellow Sac is very common across most of the country. It is a pale yellowish color, and it has long legs with dark tips. It is found in the corners of rooms near the ceiling, as well as behind picture frames and in wood piles.

American House Spider

This is very common across the whole country, and its bite is serious but not fatal. It is a brown-yellow color, and it has a long abdomen that is white with dark spots. It is found in closets, window frames, under furniture, and outside in sheds and barns.

Black House Spider

The Black House Spider is venomous, and its bites cause nausea but are not lethal. Bites can lead to severe pain, vomiting, and headaches. It is half an inch in size, and is colored dark brown or black. It sticks to dry habitats, and it is found in gutters, toilets, and sheds.

Look Out for Dangerous Spiders

These are some of the most poisonous spiders that you may come across in your home or garden, so be on the lookout for them. There are many more spiders that are not dangerous, but sometimes it can be difficult to identify them. If you are in any doubt, call a specialist in to help you identify them.

And if you or anyone else is bitten by a spider, always seek medical attention immediately.