Diamonds are forever. For those special ones in our lives, we present them with diamonds as a symbol of our everlasting love for one another. Couples who are looking for the next step in life, purchasing diamond engagement rings can be a time-consuming task of finding the perfect shape, size and even type. We can find diamonds in a majority of jewelry shops but not all of them might have the specifications that we desire. In addition, there are other factors to look out for when purchasing diamond jewelry. One of these critical factors is to tell whether a diamond engagement ring is real or not. Fortunately, there are several basic steps that we can conduct to check for its authenticity.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings are generally more popular than any other type of jewelled product.  The majority of couples prefer to use diamond rings whether for engagement or wedding. For those residing in Canada, buying an engagement ring in Toronto at is a worthy investment, as unlike other companies, Diamonds for Less displays and sells their products to the open public. Some of the top quality and unique products that they offer besides diamond engagement rings are:

  • Wedding rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Pins and pendants
  • Customized jewelry

Diamonds for Less only offers quality grade diamond jewelry that is certified. Buyers should be wary of other diamond sellers that do not have authentic jewelry and who tend to lure, as well as force buyers into purchasing their products.

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Checking if it’s real or fake

More importantly, whenever we buy a diamond, we are always haunted by the question if the product is real or not. If you really want to be 100% sure when spending your hard earned cash on diamonds, always conduct a background check online towards the dealer. Read reviews and only buy from trusted sellers like Diamonds for Less, and you can view all products online. When purchasing an engagement ring, there are quite a number of different ways to check if the diamond is real or not. For those of you who are new to diamonds, these 5 methods can be used to determine if it is real:

  1. Use a loupe (diamond magnifying glass) to check the diamond for imperfections. We are always looking for imperfections, as fake diamonds have zero imperfections and flaws!
  2. Check the diamond engagement ring’s mounting and type of metal/element used. If it uses cheap-like metals such as gold or silver plated metals, then the diamond is of poor quality or is fake. Most diamonds are mounted with REAL gold or platinum.
  3. Use sandpaper and sand the diamond. If scratches occur, then the diamond is most likely fake as diamonds are one of the hardest elements on earth!
  4. Do a “fog test” by breathing onto the diamond. If the fog remains for a while, then most likely the diamond is another fake. Real diamonds usually do not retain any fog.
  5. Bring a certified gemologist with you and have him or her inspect the diamond(s) for you. This way you can be sure if the item is real or not.


By being a smart buyer and following the general inspection methods of authenticating a diamond, we will never be fooled into buying a fake diamond. Even if are new to buying diamonds, the simple methods mentioned above can prove useful when we want to find out whether the diamond is real or not. To stay on the safe side, avoid buying the engagement ring if you do not feel confident in its quality or authenticity. Lastly, always buy diamonds or engagement rings from certified dealers like Diamonds for Less.