Mermaid tales

Be ready for your swimming lesson and swim as your favourite mystical character in these stylish mermaid tails!

Mermaid tails are becoming a fast-growing trend as more and more girls are learning that they can swim just like their favorite mythical character, the mermaid. It’s not only kids that are “mermaiding” but also moms who want to take aquatic fitness to the next level by adding the challenge of swimming with a mermaid tail on. It’s fun, creative, and gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a mermaid.

These beautiful mermaid tails are made in high quality nylon/spandex allowing for flexible movement while diving in a pool or the beach. The fin is made of the same material used in wet suits so it lasts longer even when used frequently.

To help you get started are some suggestions of mermaid tail designs available at Dream Blue Mermaid Tails:

  1. Giselle Mermaid Tail and FinIf purple is your, or even your child’s, favourite colour, then you will both love this Giselle mermaid tail and fin from Dream Blue. The colour looks beautiful under bright sunlight and will make everyone at the pool jealous.
  1. Blue Belle Mermaid Tail and FinAwaken the kid in you with this mermaid tail and fin. This Blue Belle mermaid tail and fin is the closest that you can get to looking like your favourite Disney mermaid, Ariel. The blue scale shines beautifully when used on clear water and will have you floating on day’s end until you forget you’re actually a human being with legs.
  1. Calista Mermaid Tail and FinLook pretty and girly in this fuchsia pink Calista mermaid tail and fin. The beautiful colour of the scales on this mermaid tail becomes even more pronounced when used underwater. It’s made out of high quality nylon and spandex so you don’t have to worry about playing with it all day with your family.
  1. Juliet Mermaid Tail and FinJuliet is a Dream Blue character who is able to talk to all living sea creatures, big and small. Yes, even those ones living at the very bottom of the sea. Not that you should dive that deep but if your friends ask why your fins are rainbow coloured, you can just tell them the colours represent all the living sea creatures you can communicate with.

Now that you and your child have an idea of the mermaid tail designs available, it’s time to learn about safety. Your family can have as much fun as you want in your mermaid tails but only after you know what safety precautions to take.

  • You must know how to do the dolphin or butterfly kick. This involves swimming with two of your feet together kicking as you would if you were to do the butterfly stroke. This is a basic movement needed if you want to be able to swim properly in your mermaid tail.
  • Learn how to do the dolphin kick on your back. You’ll need to air to breathe from time to time so being able to swim on your back with your mermaid tail on is a must.
  • Learn how to float on your back. You should be able to float on your back for at least 30 seconds. This allows you to relax and rest if you get tired from swimming with the mermaid tail on.
  • Learn how to roll from front float to back float. You should know how to roll over after you are done relaxing in the water on your back.
  • Children aged 5 years or younger are not encouraged to use a tail with a monofin. Be a responsible parent by not letting your kids below 5 years old use that.

You’ve got the mermaid tail selection and the safety precautions needed for swimming. Now get your very own mermaid tail and make you and your child’s fantasies come true!