A family reunion is a very special occasion, one that happens only rarely for some families. You can make it a memorable event by organizing a variety of activities that appeal to family members of all ages to keep the laughter and interaction going. Here are a few ideas you can integrate into your party that both entertaining and strengthen family ties:

Show Your Talents

Every family has their share of musical members, whether they sing, play an instrument or are knowledgeable about the latest music. Enlist their help to show off their talents, and also ask for “readings” of poems or short literary works, fashion exhibits, demonstrations of special skills and other activities that will entertain and amaze.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get people talking and working together on a common goal. Both younger and older members of the family can join in for the hunt and interpreting the “clues.” You can enlist the help of neighbors in the area to help hide objects and join in the fun. Offer a small award or prize for the winner. Get scavenger hunt list ideas online.

Reunion Photo Album

You can make a group album of your reunion’s attendees in a number of ways. You can request that everyone bring a photo of themselves that portrays their essential personality to the group. Or you can ask them to bring a favorite family photo to place in the reunion album. This album can be included in the general reunion album of pictures taken during the reunion event. You can ask family members that are good at organization or photography to help with this project.

Games For the Whole Family

Games that are suitable for all ages can be a great way to keep the fun going. Word games, dice games and counting games are easy enough for people of all ages, and you can do a round robin in groups, gradually reducing the number until someone wins. If you need some ideas on new games your family can enjoy, sites like Breaking Games can provide a number of new ideas for fun interaction. You can also compile a game of “family trivia” that will both test the memories of older family members while providing new family information for kids and teens.

Using Your Technology

Wii games can offer groups a lot of fun interaction. Try boxing, tennis or Mario Kart to get attendees competitive instincts going. Dance Dance Revolution is great for younger members of the family to show off their speed and agility, and older people will enjoy watching the action.

Recognize Special Achievements

A family is likely to have one or more individuals who have achieved a certain goal or received recognition in a special way. The achievement can be small or large, a graduation, a job promotion or other typical life event. You can help them celebrate the success by learning the story of their journey and informing the group of their achievement. A small memento can be awarded for bringing honor on the family group.

Whether your family lives close together or very far away, you can make your reunion an opportunity to get to know each other better and create a rich bank of memories for the future.

Thomas Black is a house husband! Once the kids are out of the door and the chores are done, he sits down to his writing. He writes parenting and family related articles and is also working on a novel.