ThinkFun Stratos Spheres
This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

I love playing games with my kids, especially ones that get them thinking.  It is a great way to get away from electronics and media time and to connect with them.  We have some ThinkFun games at home and were excited to add one of their newest games, StratosSpheres, to our collection.

Take four-in-a-row to a whole new dimension with Stratos Spheres! Stratos Spheres loses the 2-D board and lets you build the game – and your logic skills – as you go. To start, add one of your colored spheres to the white neutral sphere and pass it to your opponent. Your opponent then adds a sphere of his/her color. This 2-player game goes back and forth until one player gets four of his/her spheres in a row – in any dimension. With its 3-D construction, Stratos Spheres takes a classic play pattern and adds a dynamic new level of strategy and fun!

This game comes boxed, but has a nice drawstring bag to hold all the pieces.  The bag is perfect for storage, as it is easy to store and you don’t have to struggle to get the pieces in.

ThinkFun Stratos Spheres

The goal of the game is simple: to connect four of your colors a row, in any direction.

I tried this game out with my 9 year old as soon as we got it.  We had fun trying out different strategies.  If you look closely at the pieces, they have different connectors on different sides, so you can use that to your advantage to block players from adding on pieces.  So while the game can be easy, you can take it up a level by really focusing on blocking your opponent.

We love that there is no setup time needed for this game, and it is super easy to explain, so the kids can play with their friends too.  It is also quick to clean up and pop in the bag.

ThinkFun Stratos Spheres

This game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my 6 year old was able to play as well.  She might not be able to strategize as well (as far as using the connectors to block other players), but still loves playing.

There are 25 spheres total, but my kids even got creative playing with the pieces and building things unrelated to actual game play.  They liked just connecting pieces and making shapes with them.

Overall, a fun addition to our game collection that gets the kids thinking and strategizing!
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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.