As a vegetarian family, we eat avocados pretty often, but usually as guacamole or in homemade sushi.  For some time now I have heard of using mashed avocado on bread, but never gave it a try.. and I have been missing out!  This is so easy, so healthy, and a great way to use avocado!  I often do this now when I have leftover avocado from another recipe.

Avocado Toast

All you need is a bread of choice, and avocado.

I toast a roll in a little bit of butter in a pan for this, but you could toast some bread, use a crusty bread, or whatever you like.

Mash the avocado.  I like it a little chunky but it is easy to spread on bread regardless.

Avocado Toast

Spread on your bread.  It is up to you how much you use – you can literally use like butter, or pile it on.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, or whatever spices you like!

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