Milk Experiment

If you are looking for something easy to do with the kids, but to also learn a little science too, this is a fun experiment you can do.  It only takes a few supplies that you probably already have at time, there is very little setup time, and it isn’t messy.  We have seen this floating around the Internet for a while, so we were excited to see if we would have the same great results (and we did!).

Supplies needed

Dish, plate or pan

Milk (whole or 2% work best)

Food dye


Fill your plate with about 1/4″ to 1/2″ of milk.

Place several drops of food colors towards the center of the plate.

Carefully place a drop of dish soap in the middle of the plate.

Watch what happens!

You can have fun with this experiment, trying it with different colors.  For older kids, you can discuss the science behind this experiment.  Essentially the dish soap reacts with the fats in the milk to move it around.  You can take the experiment to another level by trying it with different kinds of milk (whole milk vs. skim milk) to see how the fat content effects the reaction.

Check out our video and our results with 2% milk!