St Patricks Day Green Play Dough

My kids always enjoy playing with play dough, and this is an easy project you can do to have some fun this St. Patrick’s Day.  I generally don’t like to use cream of tarter in my homemade play dough recipes (since I never seem to have it on hand, and I would rather save), so I picked a recipe that doesn’t require it.  This is a nice sensory recipe since it has a scent and glitter added.


2 cups flour

1 cup salt

2 cups water

green food coloring (you can always use a natural food color)

mint extract / essential oil (optional)

green glitter (optional)

St Patricks Day Green Play Dough


Mix the flour, salt, and a little bit of green food coloring in a pot.

You can also add a couple drops of peppermint.  Although you may like a strong minty smell, keep in mind that kids may not want as strong of a scent.  We ended up using 3 drops, and my daughter told me that it was too pepperminty, even though I thought the scent was weak.

St Patricks Day Green Play Dough

Heat your ingredients over low heat, stirring thoroughly. You can add more green dye and peppermint as you go along, if desired.

Continue to stir over heat.  The important thing is to keep mixing and heating until the play dough pulls away from the pot and forms a ball.  If you remove it too early, it will be very sticky.  I learned that the hard way!

Once your dough is ready, allow it to cool enough until it can be handled.  Sprinkle with glitter and knead.

St Patricks Day Green Play Dough

My kids love playing with play dough!