My girls have been obsessed with Disney’s Frozen movie.  They loved the movie, we play the soundtrack all the time, and we are always finding ways to do Frozen-themed activities.  Although it was too late to have a Frozen-themed party for my daughter this year, we have been having fun at home with lots of Frozen inspired activities.  These are all inexpensive and easy to do!

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Your first order of business is to get some Frozen music playing!

A fun craft is making easy rubber-band snowflakes, which don’t even require a loom – all you need is a hook.  You can come up with different color combinations (such as white, sparkly, turquoise, lavendar).  We used this tutorial from the Made By Mommy YouTube channel.

Disney Frozen Party

We used our snowflake charms to make cute necklaces –

Disney Frozen Party

And we used the snowflakes as charms on bracelets.  My daughter made the bracelet portion with her fingers (again, no loom required).  This is your basic bracelet, and just loop the top of the snowflake on to the bracelet or your S-clip.

Disney Frozen Party

We also did Frozen themed nails.  We chose what we felt were good Frozen colors, and did a layer of each.  For this I used:

~ Wet n Wild’s “Fergie” A101 Mermaid Curves
~ Milan Nail Lacquer Jewel FX 581 Lavender

We did one layer of the blue “Mermaid Curves” and then put the Lavender Jewel sparkles on top, but you could really use any nail polish or combination of nail polish that you think captures the essence of the Frozen theme!

Disney Frozen Party

In keeping with a wintery theme, we have been cutting out lots of snowflakes.  I used some very large paper, and we also made smaller snowflakes as well.  We looked up some tutorials on the Internet to find some good tips for making cool shapes.  If you are having a Frozen party at your home, I think it would look amazing to hang up dozens of snowflakes on clear thread.  Once we cut out the snowflakes, they were still a bit bent from being folded, so I laid them in a pile carefully and put them under a pile of books to help flatten them.

Disney Frozen Party

We also like to make snow dough, which is a great sensory activity.  See my recipe here.

Play dough in the shape of a snowman

Another easy craft is wintery picture frames. 

You can easily find cheap wooden frames at the craft store – You can find these at Michaels or the Dollar Store for $1 each.  All you need is some winter themed paint colors, stickers or other embellishments, and glitter.  We mixed purple and white paint, as well as glitter paint, to get a shade of lavender.  The girls decided to also sprinkle more glitter on top of the paint, and then we added snowflake stickers.

Disney Frozen Party

The frames came out really cute, and I think they would look great with any wintery colors (purples, blues) and decorations (from gems to stickers).

Disney Frozen Party

We also made super easy Frozen theme votives or vases.  You can really use any kind of container you want to decorate – glass votives, plastic containers, jars you would normally recycle, and so on.  Or, you could find them at the Dollar store. All you need to do is paint with regular Elmer’s glue, and then put on squares of tissue paper.  We used white, silver, and lavender tissue paper, but again, use anything you feel is wintery!  I like to paint over the tissue paper with glue again, once it is all stuck on, to give it a nice finish.

Disney Frozen Party

After the girls were done designing their votives, they sprinkled on a little bit of glitter.  Just like the frame, you can also add gems or foam stickers once the glue is dry.  If you want to let your child use it as a votive, you can find cheap battery-powered votive candles to light it up.

The kids have been enjoying all kinds of foods cut up into snowflake shapes – from sandwiches to cookies.

Disney Frozen Party

Here is the Olaf/snowman mix we made.

~ mini marshmallows (for the body)
~ pretzels (arms)
~ chocolate chips or raisins (eyes/buttons)
~ cut up orange candies (noses)

Disney Frozen Party

We also like to get outside when the snow is fresh and enjoy it!

Afterwards is a perfect time to enjoy hot cocoa to warm up.

Or, make snow ice cream! Check out our recipe here.

There are so many great ways to show your Frozen Disney Side, whether it is a fun-shaped snack to a craft, to an entire themed party.