It is so easy to prepare fresh spinach, and it makes a quick and healthy side.  Packed with iron and other great nutrients, spinach has so much to offer and is delicious too!  This is a versatile side dish and you can use different ingredients for different flavors.  Since it only takes a few minutes to make, you can have it ready in no time.


Bag of fresh spinach (baby spinach if possible)

Olive oil or butter

1-2 tablespoons chopped garlic

Salt to taste



Heat approx 1 tablespoon butter or oil in a pan.

Add your garlic and then spinach.

If necessary, press on the spinach with a spatula to help it wilt, and then continue to stir.

Cook briefly, as you only need to quickly wilt the spinach.  I prefer mine very fresh, not browned – I remove it from the heat as soon as it is wilted.

Add salt if desired, to taste.

You can also do other combinations – such as a dash of rice wine vinegar, and top with white sesame seeds.

As far as servings, I could easily eat the whole bag of spinach!  However, you could probably get 2-3 servings out of the “average” size bag of baby spinach.