The wedding ring you wear is a symbol of loving commitment to your spouse and so should reflect the unique quality of your love. There are countless wedding ring styles that range from traditional to modern; no matter what your personal taste might be you can find many wedding sets that will appeal to your preferences. If you are looking for alternatives to the traditional wedding ring designs, these are a few options to consider.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Filigree Settings

The band that a gemstone is set in can be given a myriad of shapes to complement the size and appearance of the selected stone. Filigree settings have delicate-looking struts that change the appearance of the band from solid to lacy. Filigree patterns might be geometrical or more organic; curlicues and lacy arabesques appear to hold up the central gemstone and create a visual lightness.

A Ring with a Different Gemstone

Diamonds are the traditional gemstone of choice for wedding rings; however, there are many other types of stones that you can choose from. Many people love the dramatic appearance of colored gemstones. When shopping for settings, ask the sales associate to show you other gemstone options. These are just a few of the colored gemstones you can find at any fine jewelry store.

  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Opal
  • Topaz
  • Garnet
  • Tanzanite
  • Spinel
  • Peridot

You might be surprised at how different a setting looks with the inclusion of a different stone!

White Gold, Platinum, and Titanium

Though many of the rings in the wedding sets you look at will be made of yellow gold, several other types of metal are used in the creation of wedding rings.

White gold is actually yellow gold that has been coated in a layer of light colored precious metal, usually palladium or manganese. White gold has a mellow silver appearance that looks especially attractive with brightly colored gemstones. After many years the coating might wear down and the yellow gold underneath will show through; if this happens simply bring your ring to a jewelry store for a new coating.

Platinum is a bright silver colored metal that is used in the creation of many types of fine jewelry. It is a very attractive metal that is prized for its durability. A platinum ring setting can sometimes cost more than one made of yellow gold though it is often the metal of choice for people who do not prefer the look of yellow gold.

Titanium is the newest addition to the lineup of precious metals used in the creation of wedding rings. This metal has a dark silvery appearance that is highly complementary to masculine jewelry designs. It is very strong metal that is not bioreactive; thus it is the preferred type of metal by people with sensitive skin. Titanium bands may be plain, minimally shaped, or set with gemstones. The simplicity of many titanium rings appeals to people who favor a streamlined jewelry style.

A wedding ring should be a piece of jewelry that brings you pleasure every time you see it. There are many alternatives to the traditional yellow gold band and diamond solitaire ring. You do not have to compromise your personal taste in order to find a beautiful ring.