This is an easy craft for kids, and chances are, you already have all the materials!  If you don’t have tissue paper, or you don’t want to cut it into squares, you can also find pre-cut craft tissue paper.

You will need:

~ sticks/twigs
~ hot glue
~ regular white glue
~ scissors
~ pruners
~ various colors of tissue paper
~ thick paper or cardboard

For adults: to prepare this project, clip twigs into short, usable lengths.  Glue the sticks to paper or cardboard with the hot glue gun to form a tree.

Next, you can cut tissue paper into small squares (approximately 1-3″ square in size, depending on how large you want the leaves to be).  If your child is old enough, they can do this themselves, but for younger kids, they might be unable to do so, or it could just be too tedious to cut so many squares.

Crumple the tissue paper squares, and use regular white glue to attach to the paper along the branches.

You can adapt this craft in several ways.  For example, you can do different versions for seasons.  For our project, we used various shades of green to illustrate spring trees starting to bud.  You can do just about whatever you like – pink for cherry trees, fall colors for an autumn tree, and so on.  For fall trees, you can add a layer of leaves on the ground.