Most parents can agree to how much of a rewarding experience it is to be a parent, providing for and nurturing your child, while also guiding them through life. Everyday is different as it brings new difficulties and frustrations that can be hard to navigate. 

As a result of this, it’s easy to lose patience and you can even start to yell when things get overwhelming. Not because anyone wants to, but because you’re stressed out, and you would still need to get things done regardless.

This is one major reason why parents are constantly looking for new techniques they can use to raise their kids in a peaceful and loving environment, while also building strong bonds with them. Parenting Leader possesses such new techniques that have the capacity to achieve all your parenting needs while you engage their resources. 

The Parenting Leader’s program: The 28-Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge is a program created by a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to supporting and empowering parents. This program exists to help parents develop the skills and strategies they need to create a positive, nurturing home environment for their children. 

Why Did I Join this Challenge?

I decided to take the Parenting Leader’s 28-day challenge because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my parenting style. I had a hard time controlling my temper, and I noticed that my two kids, ages 6 and 12, were becoming more withdrawn and less open with me. I knew I needed to make a change, but I didn’t know where to start. 

That’s when I stumbled on the challenge, and it completely transformed my approach to parenting. It gave me practical tools and strategies to help me stay calm and patient, and it taught me a new perspective on raising them. 

With the guidance of the challenge, I was able to break the cycle of yelling at my kids. I slowly started to create a more positive and open relationship with them and I’m so grateful for the support I received. I feel more confident and equipped to continue on this path. I know that I’ll need to continue to be mindful of my parenting style and make a conscious effort to stay patient and understanding, but I’m committed to making this a permanent change. 

The changes I made during these 28 days have had such a lasting impact on my family. My kids are more open and honest with me, and they’re less likely to get defensive or withdrawn. I also feel like I’m a more present and engaged parent, and I’m able to enjoy my time with them more. I have a better understanding of their needs and how to meet them, and I feel more confident in my parenting skills.

Overview on The 28-Day No Yelling Parenting Challenge Program

The 28-day no yelling parenting challenge is a structured program that has a lesson for each day so if you are as curious as I was, here is a sneak peek into the list of things to expect in the program straight from the website:  


Promoting Composure will teach you how to identify your triggers, analyze them, and work through them to keep your calm.


Become Stress-Resistant, learn how to react when the stress of life feels like too much, and don’t take your irritation out on your children.

DAY 10

Stop Temper Tantrums instantly – and help your kids do what they don’t want to without resistance and anger.

DAY 13

Turn your kids’ attention away from video games, phones, and screens altogether without ever arguing about it.

DAY 20

Get your kids to bed in 5 minutes and eliminate all bedtime struggles with 1 simple trick.

DAY 24

Teach your children to work together – instead of against each other – to develop a healthy and supportive sibling relationship.

DAY 27

The Peaceful Family – create a happy and loving home for your kids to ensure their perfect childhood.

Each day was very interactive and hands-on. I also noticed that each of the goals set to be achieved for the day actually started occurring in my home, with my kids.

Do I Recommend it?

“Having completed the 28-day no-yelling challenge, it’s safe to say in addition to the thousands of parents that tested this program, I can confidently recommend it to other parents who are looking for ways to improve their parenting skills. The challenge is not easy, but it is rewarding. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you will see real results.” – Theresa T. 


Q: Is my child the right age for this challenge?

A: The challenge is created for children of all ages, so you don’t need to worry about your child’s age and if it’s a great fit.

Q: Nothing else helped, how is this different?

A: The specific techniques listed out within each day aims to combat the root problem of your parenting issues. The challenge also provides active exercises to be taken after every session, and this would guarantee your implementations of these principles in your home. Some parents have even reported seeing a change as early as their first day on the challenge.

Q: What if I won’t see any progress?

A: If you’re not satisfied with the challenge, please contact their customer service for a refund.