This yogurt parfait is an easy to make, good-for-you treat. Make it fun by serving in clear glasses or bowls. It’s extra-impressive in taller, or uniquely shaped dishes!

Red, White and Blue Yogurt Parfait


Plain yogurt
Sweetener if desired



Wash the fruit, cut strawberries into bite sized pieces and layer with yogurt. G

arnish with additional blueberries and a sliced strawberry on top.

Yogurt Parfait

You can use more yogurt on the bottom, though the red, white & blue effect won’t be quite as impressive!

Yogurt Parfait

If you like, top with a little bit of granola, a drizzle of agave nectar (if you are using plain yogurt, or fruit that isn’t as sweet) or even add a dollop of freshly whipped cream to eat as a dessert!

Even my 2-year old inhaled it (plain yogurt, no agave nectar or whipped cream)!