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Love Pancakes

It is the month of LOVE.

My parents always sent us to school with hot breakfasts. It really meant a lot to me. I felt loved. Especially in my teenage years. I try to do the same thing for our kids.

Add some extra love to your family’s breakfast and send them off for the day with a little something special on their plates and in their stomachs.

This is one of our favorite ways to make breakfast special. We use this trick for Birthday breakfasts but you can use it for all holidays.

If you really want to be sneaky, put the pancakes on the plates with the message down and have your kids flip them to discover the surprise.

OR…Make them for your significant other, Put a letter or two in each pancake and “serve” him a lovey message.

You already have everything you need right in your pantry.

Make your favorite pancakes. We are Bisquick fans in our house. From scratch works great also.

Take about 1/3 of your batter and put it in a separate bowl. Add RED FOOD COLORING.

Fill a pipping bag, ziplock bag, or squeeze bottle with the red batter. The smoother the batter, the better. Lumps will get stuck as you pipe.

Get your pan ready and use the pipping bag to pipe your first message.

Be sure if you are doing a word like LOVE, that you pipe it backwards, so it will read the right way when it’s eaten.

Once the RED message starts to cook, pour the white batter right over the top.

Be creative with your designs. The possibilities are endless.

Flip the pancake and get ready for the fun.

Now all you need is syrup.

Use the leftover red and pipe a Red heart. If you want, you could color all your batter red and serve RED HEART pancakes on LOVE DAY.

Happy Heart Day. Share the love.




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    Wow. what a great idea! I’ll definitely have to do that for my kids on Valentines!!

    thanks so much for stopping by my site!


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