Are you on the lookout for a high-quality bed? If so, how about you give Montessori beds a chance? A key component inspired by Montessori principles is the comfort it provides, along with elegance and safety. Dr. Maria Montessori (the maker of the beds) believed that children thrive when given the freedom to move and learn independently, hence why and how these beds have come about. They’ve been around for years, and if you never heard of them, it’s time to change that. If you’re wondering whether your child or toddler should sleep in this bed, this article is for you!

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Is a Montessori Bed Worth It? 5 Things to Know

1. Independent sleep for your child

One of the primary goals of Montessori education is to foster independence. Most kids and toddlers will feel comfortable and confident in getting out of bed by themselves. This will help your child build confidence and independence from early on. These beds are quite low, meaning most toddlers will easily get into them.

2. Better sleep patterns

Traditional cribs and toddler beds can feel restrictive. In contrast, Montessori beds offer a more open and comfortable sleeping environment that your little one will love. This freedom allows children to move as needed, which can lead to better sleep patterns and more restful nights. The ability to get up and move also helps children learn to self-soothe and return to bed on their own.

3. Minimalist lifestyle

All of their products are seen as simple, chic, minimalistic, and effortless. Montessori beds typically have simple, minimalist designs that align with this principle. A less cluttered bedroom can help children feel calmer and more focused, as they are not overwhelmed by excessive stimuli. External factors will not get in the way, and the colors of the bed will also play a huge role. This type of bed will easily adapt and adjust to any surrounding or theme of the room.

4. The price point

Montessori beds can be more expensive than traditional cribs, so heads up. However, their longevity and quality are unmatched when it comes to other brands. It’s important to weigh the cost against the potential developmental advantages for your child. For most couples and parents, this brand makes a Montessori bed a long-term investment.

5. Aesthetics 

Montessori beds often feature sleek, modern designs that complement various interior styles. Most parents will have peace of mind when it comes to choosing any of these beds or furniture pieces while knowing the pieces will easily adapt to your personal style. Beige, tan, nude, as well as cream shades, will easily blend into the rest of your interior space.

Having said all of that

Are you ready to invest in your new bed? If you want to browse through some Montessori bed options and you want a unique solution for your child, browse through your options right here! There are different beds, beddings, bookshelves, and even playhouse options you can go for.