Performance is a crucial aspect when it comes to designing cycling gear. You can make custom cycling jerseys for marketing or brand promotion. However, creating the jerseys is easier said than done.

You must select the best materials for athletic performance, create a design, and look for a manufacturer. Your goal is to create custom cycling jerseys to leave a lasting impression on your customers. In this guide are steps and tips to help you design the best cycling wear for personal use and brand marketing.

Knowing Your Brand Identity

Do not rush to find a manufacturer before knowing what your brand entails. Start by learning about your target audience. This will help you identify their age, cycling experience, and location.

Next, create your brand’s visual identity. Pick the colors, logo, and business slogan and how you will incorporate them into the design. Your goal is to ensure that the colors complement each other well for more visibility.

You can also draw inspiration from other brands who are creating custom cycle jerseys.

Time For Material Selection

The material you pick can make or break your design. You can find a reputable cycling wear manufacturer like The Charity Clothing Company to help you select the best fabric. The best materials for making cycling shirts should be breathable and have the best moisture-wicking properties.

Polyester blends are the best for designing custom cycle jerseys. They are lightweight and fit nicely, while also possessing top moisture-wicking properties perfect for warm-weather cycling. Wool is another excellent option for making cycling wear for colder climates.

Extra Features

Think about extra features that can make your jersey more functional. Ensure that the jerseys fit well for more comfort and freedom of movement. Tightness around the neck and armpit areas can cause discomfort and restrict movement.

Also, think about adding pockets on the sides or back. The pockets can be used to carry essentials like water, energy gels, and a phone. Silicone grippers on the hem and sleeves will prevent the jersey from moving up the body when cycling.

Production and Delivery

Once you have the design ready, it is time to bring a manufacturer on board. Look for reputable manufacturers that are well-known for making sportswear. Read reviews and check out some of their products already on the market. The next thing you should do is ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers.

Compare the quotes and select the best depending on your budget. Get a contract and review it before signing. Ensure that the turnaround time and project deliverables are in line with your needs before signing the deal.

Last, you have to think about how you will deliver the custom cycle jerseys. You can include them in giveaway gift hampers or offer them as a thank-you to your loyal customers. You can also run social media challenges and gift each winner a personalized cycling jersey.

Wrapping Up

Quality custom cycle jerseys can propel your brand to higher levels. The tips in this guide will help you create cycling wear that will leave a lasting impression on cycling enthusiasts.