Single mothers have their set of challenges when it comes to raising their children. But when you’ve signed up for this role in life, you will gradually learn how to sail through it. Shifting to a new place like Colorado is certainly exciting for single mothers.  

Other than craft beer and skiing, this US state is also known for its truck crashes, which is sad. While a Colorado semi truck accident attorney may help you get compensation in case of an unfortunate accident, prevention is always better. 

But let this not discourage your decision to move. The state offers you a booming economy, thriving outdoor life, and a manageable cost of living. So, as a single mother, your decision to shift to Colorado is a wise one. 

However, here are a few things that you need to consider for a smooth relocation.

Know the Cost of Living

Understanding the cost of living in a state is essential so that you can choose the best job and negotiate a salary that works for you. It helps you decide the savings you need to make. Most importantly, it lets you know whether you have the financial capacity to relocate currently or if you need more time.

For the cost of living in Colorado, keep the following facts handy:

  • The average cost of living for one person in this state is nearly $53,374 annually.
  • Are you planning to rent or own a house in Colorado? If so, you have to pay an average amount of $370 for utility bills for electricity, gas, internet, and water.
  • Transportation expenses can add up fast if you have to travel out of state. Single mothers might have to pay more than $9,000 annually on transportation costs.
  • The income tax rate in Colorado is 4.4%.

Knowing these facts will help you get your finances in place and make other decisions surrounding the move.

Know the State of Healthcare Services Available

As a single mother, both you and your child can be under the weather at any moment. There can be instances where an OTC drug can resolve the situation. At other times, there might be a need for hospitalization and emergency care. The U.S. News & World Report shared several hospital names within its annual rankings in 2023.

The report states that UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora is the best in the state. Other names include St. Anthony Hospital Lakewood and Littleton Adventist Hospital. The leading hospitals in the state have advanced healthcare facilities that help you get your basic blood work, annual check-ups, and even critical surgeries done under the guidance of trained and expert medical professionals.

So whether you are fighting lifestyle disorders like diabetes, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, or critical conditions like kidney problems, you have expert medical help available.

Check Out the Road Safety Scenario

As a single mother, your security is in your hands. You might have the financial capacity to install CCTV cameras in your house and monitor it when you are away. But once you are on the streets of Colorado, you are vulnerable to crashes that lead to severe physical injuries and emotional trauma. Therefore, it is necessary to drive and walk carefully, follow the traffic and pedestrian rules, and contact an accident lawyer if there’s a need for it.

There’s always a scope for unfortunate truck crashes in Colorado. In May 2024, The Colorado Sun reported, that a person was hospitalized, and another person died after a vehicle collided with a tanker truck on the main east-west highway in Colorado. This crash had shut down a part of the interstate in both directions. You may experience such a collision despite maintaining every precaution.

If your vehicle gets hit by a semi-truck in Colorado, you must seek legal recourse and obtain compensation to cover the damages. Negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company is never easy. Here, VandenBout Law asserts that the state provides expert lawyers who can speak to an insurance company on your behalf and obtain the settlement payout you need. With their years of experience, these lawyers have managed challenging cases and can suggest the best plan to help you out.

Check Out the Job Market

You need to have a rewarding job before you shift to Colorado. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the number of job openings in Colorado was 204,000. Overall, 2024 appears to be a good year for employment.

Experts from ‘The Leeds Business Research Division’ at the University of Colorado Boulder shared that the state is anticipating  41,900 new jobs this year. It represents an increase of 1.4% in the number of employed workers. The job fields that are expected to grow include government jobs, business and professional services, health services, education jobs, and many more. Therefore, you can select your job profile accordingly before you make a final move.

In conclusion, as a single mother, moving to Colorado is a good decision. The state is making advancements in its economy, job market, health sector, and other areas. That aside, there are options for skiing, rafting, hiking, and fishing. The state offers amenities that you need to lead a wholesome life. Once you keep in mind the factors discussed above, you can relocate hassle-free and live well.