Canada is a mix of cultures! More precisely, it is a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles, which is one of the reasons why millions of people visit it every year. Many travelers want to get in touch with the culture, lifestyle, mindset and tradition of people living there. That is the reason why they are looking for the top cultural experiences that will make their journey more entertaining.

Fortunately for all the tourists, there are some amazing cultural experiences that will leave them speechless. From the best online casino sites in Canada to fantastic historical travel destinations – be sure that you will have a wonderful time and find something suitable for your taste.

On this page, we would like to talk about the most modern and traditional things to do and places to visit. If you apply our tips, you will definitely understand better why Canada is so wonderful and get familiar with the multicultural society that lives there. So, let’s go!

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Before you dig deeper and explore the history and tradition, you should focus on the modern lifestyle of average Canadians. Some traces of such a lifestyle are present at top Canadian online casinos. Thanks to rich live casino sections, you can connect with locals online in real-time and try to understand why they love gambling and how this activity is connected with their way of life.

Unfortunately, such an opportunity will only be possible if you find the best online casino in Canada. Finding platforms with amazing offerings isn’t as challenging as you think. We recommend you give yourself time to explore the top Canadian casino sites that are highlighted on the link that we attached. There, you will get the chance to hang out with locals with different backgrounds. That’s a completely normal thing for top Canadian casino sites because they are operating in a multicultural society.

Nunavet Inuit Culture

Best Canadian casinos are available everywhere, including your hotel room. However, if you are willing to take action, then going to Nunavut ensures a fantastic cultural experience. Believe it or not, you will need to go to the “top of the world”. To be precise, you will need to visit the Arctic part of Canada to get in touch with this cultural phenomenon.

As you can guess, this mini trip will require good preparation. Keep in mind that temperatures in that part of Canada are extremely low. You will need appropriate boots, a couple of jackets and additional equipment. When reaching this place, you will get hosted by locals who are pretty kind and willing to share mystic stories about their traditions. You will also have the chance to try out traditional meals!

Marine Wildlife Expedition

Have you ever heard about Vancouver Island North? This is the place where you can find members of 19 different tribes. The guides that you can hire there are going to tell you many interesting historical stories. Apart from that, you will get the chance to see the interpretations of different historic exhibitions. That includes the so-called ancestral masks that were confiscated between 1884 and 1951 during the Potlatch Ban. Apart from that, you will get the chance to get familiar with Kvakwaka’wakw culture by going on the paced zodiac tour. From the respective distance, you will get the chance to see minke whales, resident orcas and humpbacks getting fed. Don’t worry, your safety won’t be compromised in any way.

Meet Coastal Communities on Vancouver Island

As you can see, the most significant destinations for history lovers are usually outside of mainland Canada. The good news is that Vancouver Island and other locations outside of the mainland of the country are easily accessible. Here, you can enjoy one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. That especially counts when we talk about sea life. You will have the chance to see some rare species of birds, whales and other types of sea animals.

Apart from everything we said, you will also get the chance to meet and explore coastal communities. The beach town Parksville, located on the island, is a great place to taste some traditional meals. We are pretty sure you will like them since they are unique! In addition, you will also pass through the Vallery of a Thousand Faces. This place is named that way because there are more than 1,400 popular faces that are painted on the cedar logs. Cool, isn’t it?

Reach the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Reveal First Nations Stories

Doesn’t the subtitle itself already sound mystic and interesting? If you want to experience one of the most scenic and epic drives, we recommend you reach the Sea-to-Sky highway. The must-stop place you have to visit is Sqamish Lil’ Wat Center. As the name suggests, here you can discover a lot of interesting facts about Squamish and Lil wat nations.

So, what exactly can people find there? For starters, you will see original pieces of textile and art. Also, you will get the chance to enjoy some samples of traditional food that are not available in other parts of the world. There is also something for people that like music and dance! You will see live performances and demonstrations of traditional dances done in the outdoor surroundings. You can even try to participate yourself. That would be challenging and entertaining at the same time.

There is another place on this journey that you have to visit. We strongly recommend our readers to overnight at Quaaout Lodge & Spa, which is located in Talking Rock Gold Resort. Despite the highest level of peace and silence, you will also get the chance to taste native gourmet meals made by Little Shuswap Indian Band members. All these locations can be visited on the exact same day!


These are some of the most attractive destinations where you can connect with Canadian culture and tradition. You can also connect with locals to better understand the modern lifestyle of average Canadians. Both experiences will bring you some memories.

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