Whether you’re decorating your bedroom or giving it a makeover, there are some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid to get the bedroom of your dreams. Check out this list of decor mistakes to avoid. 

1. Oversize Furniture

Leave some room to get around. Don’t choose bulky furniture that will swallow the room up. Consider decorating the walls with something like master bedroom art above bed if things are feeling a little bare. Too much furniture and oversized furniture make a room feel dark and small. Let your bed be the star and work around that.

2. Not Prioritizing Space

While every home has multiple rooms to furnish and decorate, saving your bedroom for last may not be the best idea. If you spend a large chunk of your decor budget on other rooms, you may miss out on the serenity of a well-ordered bedroom. Your bedroom is where you end and begin your day. It helps to have a great space for two of the most important parts of your day. Don’t forget to let your personality shine in the space. Your goal should be to create a space that you’re comfortable in.

3. Lacking Storage

Storage, storage, storage. You want to have ample storage because it allows you to keep things out of sight, making the room less cluttered. Choose nightstands that have enough room to hold your things neatly tucked away. It feels good to have clear surfaces in your room and it promotes a more peaceful atmosphere. 

4. No Layered Lighting

Depending solely on the overhead lighting doesn’t give you options. Even if it’s a dimmer, you won’t have the ability to concentrate lighting in specific areas of the room. A bedside lamp or a floor lamp can give your room more ambiance and signal different times of the day or activities while making the room feel more cozy and less bare.

5. Bringing in a Television

The bedroom is meant for sleeping, not watching television. It’s a private and sacred space, and a television can be a little intrusive. If you don’t have much of an option, don’t watch television in bed and don’t sleep with it on, as it can create less restful sleep.

6. Not Being Mindful of Fabrics

Some of the best sleep happens in a comfortable bed in the dark. Consider investing in some blackout curtains, to maintain a better sleeping environment. Choose bedding that is comfortable and soft. Natural fabrics like cotton are highly recommended. A simple comforter and a complimentary colored coverlet blanket, throw blanket, and pillows will accent your bed nicely. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pillow sizes for a more stylish look.

7. Wrong Sized Rug

Don’t make the mistake of going short on your rug size. For the best look, a rug should extend past the border of the furniture that rests on it. The right size rug gives the room a more finished and refined look. At the very least, a king-size bed should have a 9 by 12-foot rug, a queen bed should have an 8 by 10-foot rug, and a twin bed should have a 7 by 9-foot rug. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but following these suggestions can help you create a bedroom you won’t want to leave.