The innovative All on 4 procedure uses four implants to support a full arch of teeth, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional implant treatments that does not necessitate bone grafts resulting in shorter treatment times and cost.

An all on 4 implant dentistry evaluation іs the initial step tо deciding іf All-on-4 іs appropriate for you. This evaluation may involve taking x-rays and digital 3D scans, as well as physically inspecting your mouth.

Why choose All on 4?

The All on 4 dental implant procedure offers patients a faster and cost-effective alternative to traditional implant-supported dentures for those suffering from severe bone loss. It offers patients full arch of teeth in just one visit to their dentist’s office – making this an efficient solution that offers full arch of teeth immediately!

Eating with fixed dentures enables you to enjoy a wider variety of foods than would be possible with conventional removable dentures, greatly increasing your quality of life.

However, this treatment isn’t suited for everyone and it is crucial that you select an experienced surgeon when seeking implants – this will ensure they are placed correctly and have an increased chance of success.

Improved comfort

Once your full set of teeth are in place, it makes chewing and biting much simpler, as well as providing opportunities to choose healthier food options.

With All on 4 dental implants, two front dental implants are placed vertically while back ones are angled to create a more secure structure and avoid vital structures in the mouth such as nerves.

An advantage of using an angled back implant system is that no bone grafting will typically be required, a significant savings over traditional implant treatments that often necessitate bone grafts. This option may particularly appeal to patients seeking permanent fixed bridges who do not possess enough bone for traditional implant treatment.

Better aesthetics

All on 4 uses four implants instead of individual implants to support an entire set of teeth and allow patients to walk away with new smiles the same day – often referred to as “Teeth in a Day.”

The rear two implants are angled to avoid vital structures like nerves and lessen invasiveness of surgery.

All on 4 dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and management. Good oral hygiene and quitting smoking (which interferes with healing) are both key. Regular checkups and oral surgery sessions must also take place in order to maintain long-term success of this solution.

Better function

All on 4 dental implants offer an ideal treatment option for patients suffering from significant tooth loss. Compared to traditional dentures, they offer much stronger biting strength while improving nutrition by increasing food options available to the individual.

With the All on 4 technique, dentists can place just four implants to restore an entire arch of teeth – cutting costs while lessening trauma to bone.

At your consultation, our team will review your medical history and conduct an intraoral exam using x-rays, digital 3D scans and physical exam to assess whether All on 4 is suitable for you. Its unique angled design reduces surgical complexity by avoiding critical structures like nerves and ensures minimal disruption during surgery.

No need for bone grafts

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance, including attending regular dental visits and adhering to good oral hygiene habits.

As part of their dental implant placement procedure, dentists remove any decayed or diseased gum tissue before drilling pilot holes at an optimal angle in order to maximize contact between bone and implant.

As such, this procedure reduces treatment failure risk and allows even those with significant jawbone loss to qualify for All on 4 procedures. Dental implants can be implanted using autogenous (own) bone taken from another part of your mouth or synthetic (allograft or xenograft) artificial bone material from synthetic or animal sources (xenograft).

Quicker recovery

All on 4 dental implants differ from conventional implant procedures in that they are angled to maximize contact with the jaw bone, making them stronger and more secure. With proper post-procedure care, patients can enjoy their restored smile within months!

Anesthesia is administered during an All on 4 procedure before dentists start extracting any rotten teeth and restoring any gum tissue damaged by disease, before inserting four titanium screws in each arch of your mouth as a strong foundation for prosthetic teeth. They then attach full arches of acrylic or porcelain teeth directly onto these screws – once implanted through osseointegration process we will switch out temporary bridge for permanent ones at our follow up appointment.