Saudi Arabia has created quite a buzz in the tourism industry. Many say it is an untouched Middle Eastern region because it recently welcomed tourists. However, there is no denying that the Kingdom has so much to offer in addition to its religious sites and significance for Muslims. So, if you are looking for reasons why Saudi Arabia should be your next travel destination, we are here to tell you everything you must know. 

This Arab country is known for its fascinating and rich history, including religion, war, ancient civilisations, trading routes, etc. A while ago, the region only allowed religious tourism, so only Muslims visited it. But now anyone can see it and explore its historical landmarks, luxurious lifestyle, unique culture, and much more. Many US citizens travel to Saudi Arabia for an immersive holiday. Are you considering travelling to the region too? Let’s tell you about all the fascinating things about Saudi Arabia that will make you want to travel to the area this holiday season. 

6 Reasons to Travel to Saudi Arabia for a Holiday 

Magnificent Historical Marvels 

As mentioned earlier, Saudi Arabia is rich in history. The region has countless historical landmarks, making it the dream destination of history buffs worldwide. This area of the Middle East is a world of uncharted beauty with a wealth of history and heritage. From the ruins of ancient civilisations like the tombs built by the Nabataean to some of the most ancient trade routes and mosques in the world, the Kingdom has it all. 

There are spectacular rock structures here, too, leaving every archaeology lover in awe. You will also find other well-preserved ancient towns and villages, like Old Jeddah, Old Dariyah, and many more. Every historical landmark in the country is worth exploring. You will learn a lot about the enriching past of this Arab country.

Breathtaking Natural Landscapes

Many people only know about the historical side of Saudi Arabia. The region also has captivating natural landmarks. You will find diverse natural landscapes here, from deserts to mountains and beaches. Some of the most glorious beaches are here along the Red Sea coastline. 

Moreover, the expansive desert here is a sight to behold. It gives you the most Arabic experience, with Bedouin tents amidst the long stretches of sand. You can go on a desert safari, stay in these tents, and entertain yourself with the traditional Arabian Nights experience. If you like mountains and hiking, you can head towards mountainous regions like the Asir Mountains in Saudi Arabia. 

Fascinating Religious Heritage

Muslims have always travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage. It houses the pilgrimage sites of the believers in Islam and many other religious sites. The two cities, Makkah and Madinah, are full of landmarks and sites that reflect Islam and are significant in Islamic history. If you want to experience the religious and spiritual side of Saudi Arabia, you can go for an Umrah soon. You can avail yourself of Umrah 2024 packages and embark on the most soul-lifting journey that will revive your faith. 

During your Umrah, you can explore Saudi Arabia’s religious heritage. After performing the pilgrimage, you can explore the other historical sites associated with Islamic history. Numerous mosques, cemeteries, war fields, caves, and other historical sites will give you an insight into Islamic history and heritage.

Vibrant and Immersive Culture

Saudi Arabia has a vibrant culture and diverse traditions that Islam significantly influences. People here hold their values and traditions dear. They are also famous for their hospitality and friendliness. The welcoming people will make you feel like you are home away from home. 

Many vibrant festivals featuring traditional music and dances provide an immersive cultural retreat. 

Luxurious Lifestyle and Modernity

The integration of tradition into the Saudi lifestyle and the history here can not be stressed enough. But this doesn’t mean the region doesn’t know how to embrace modernity, luxury, and advancements. The modern marvels here will stun you and show you a completely different side of Saudi Arabia that you might not have imagined. 

Cities like Jeddah have futuristic architecture, world-class shopping malls, and a luxurious lifestyle. Nightlife is quite vibrant here, too. Moreover, you will also find many world-class entertainment and dining options in Saudi Arabia. 

Delectable Cuisine

The local Arab cuisine here will surely leave a mark on your taste buds. The food here has a unique flavour with a blend of spices that are surely memorable. You must try street food while you are in the region to get the most authentic taste. Moreover, you can also dine at the local or some of the most luxurious restaurants here. 

You will also find diverse cuisines here. So, you can also treat yourself to Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, and other cuisines in Saudi Arabia. 

Final Words

If you are curious about why Saudi Arabia should be your next travel destination, you might have some clarity after reading this blog. Many people also visit the Kingdom for pilgrimage. So, if you want to perform the pilgrimage first and then explore other tourist regions of the country, you can consult an Umrah travel agency. You can prepare an itinerary with the help of your agents so that you can explore other parts of the region besides the religious sites.