Car hiring or rental is fast becoming a popular choice for individuals traveling or moving. It’s the perfect choice for travelers seeking independence and flexibility. 

Whether it’s embarking on a road trip with loved ones or exploring a new town, hiring a car allows you to travel at a convenient pace and also create a personal route.

In today’s world, owning a car isn’t always the most cost-effective or practical option. Hiring a car offers numerous benefits over purchasing a new vehicle, including depreciation concerns, flexibility, and more. 

Whether you’re a temporary resident in any location or a travel enthusiast, you should consider hiring a car for a stress-free and personalized journey.

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Hiring a car for the first time can be stressful, with numerous options to choose from, including insurance policies, rental companies, and a variety of car models. 

This blog post will enlighten you more on all you need to know about cars so you can make informed decisions when hiring a car.

Why Hire A Car

1. Variety Of Choices And Comfort

Purchasing a car limits you to the model and make of the vehicle you choose, but hiring a car with a reputable car hiring service gives you access to a fleet of diverse car models and makes. 

Whether it’s a compact car, a luxury car for special events, or a spacious SUV, Hiring a car allows you to travel in style and comfort.

2. Cost Savings

Hiring a car is a cost-effective option. Unlike purchasing a car that involves significant upfront investment, such as maintenance fees, insurance, and registration fees, hiring a car eliminates the burden of long-term commitments. 

Hiring a car is also cost-effective when traveling with a group. Everyone gets to split the rental cost, gas money, and other expenses, making it cheaper than hiring taxis or public transportation.

3. Unparalleled Flexibility

Hiring a car allows you to explore at your schedule & pace. With a rental vehicle, you and your family can stop anywhere and at any time to do things that interest everyone, including visiting historic sites and taking pictures of a place’s scenery.

This unmatched flexibility is beneficial for temporary residents, travelers, or individuals who require a car for a short duration. It’s all about freedom. 

With a rental, you get to define the best routes, especially if you want to enjoy scenic drives through nature, discover hidden restaurants on the mountaintops, and have unheard/unseen local experiences.

4. Repairs And Maintenance

Purchasing a car comes with the sole responsibility of handling repairs and maintenance. Frequent servicing, unexpected repairs, tyre rotations, and oil changes can become a financial burden. 

Hiring a car takes these burdens off your shoulders because the car-hiring company takes care of everything. They offer free maintenance and repair services for their rental vehicles, guaranteeing a stress-free experience for their customers. Click here to know more.

5. High On Technology

Many rental vehicles have the latest accessories, such as Bluetooth-enabled speakers and GPS, to enhance your experience. You could even ask for cars with video screens at the back for your kids. Most car hiring companies have hotline numbers for swift assistance.

How To Hire A Car In Spain

Hiring a car in Spain offers the freedom to discover hidden gems off the busy path and also a way to familiarize yourself with the local Spanish culture. Also, there’s the safety and comfort of having your space to yourself. 

Driving through Spain’s landscape, from the spectacular view of historic sites to the rolling hills with historic sites – it’s a massive opportunity for discovery you can’t pass up. 

Using a rental car to explore the famous Camino de Santiago routes adds a unique and notable adventure to your travel journey.

1. Choose The Date, Location, And Time

The first step involves determining where and when you’ll need a car. Before embarking on your trip to Spain, consider the duration and other important activities and events that require transportation. 

Ensure to choose a convenient pickup spot, such as a rental location near you or the airport. 

2. Understand How Car Rentals Work

To increase the chances of you getting a good car deal and ensuring the availability of your choice car, book in advance of your trip. 

Booking early gets you the choice of vehicles with the best prices. The earlier you book, the better the deals. Visit to inquire about your car rentals. Many car hiring companies in Spain offer diverse categories of cars, ranging from luxury cars to compact cars and spacious SUVs. Each category has unique features, such as style, fuel efficiency, and size.

3. Choose The Ideal Rental Car

To efficiently navigate the mountainous regions or the busy cities of Spain, you must select the right car. So, what’s the car size to drive if you’re a single traveler? 

Small vehicles are less expensive, use less gas, offer ease of parking, and are perfect for navigating narrow roads.

Also, most rental cars in Spain are manually driven, but due to the massive number of travelers entering Spain all year, many car-hiring companies now have Automatic vehicles. 

Automatic cars in Spain are more expensive and often booked, so it’s advisable to book months in advance. An affordable option in Spain is renting a standard transmission, and it’s also way more fun.

4. Understand The Requirements Of Car Hire In Spain

Before heading out, first, understand the documentation and eligibility requirements

for hiring a car in Spain. Here are a few vital requirements;

  • Documents Needed: Valid passport, driver’s license, and credit card. These are required in your name. Individuals with EU licenses can drive on holidays with a valid national license. 

Other nationalities must have both, which is their national license and international driving permit.

  • Minimum Age: The official age for driving in Spain is 18, while the minimum age requirement for car hire is 21 years. 

So, you must be 21 & above and have held a license in your country for a year. Most car hiring companies may add charges if you’re under 25 or over a certain age. 

5. Consider Your Budget

Always remember to consider your budget before choosing a rental category. Yes, luxury cars are inviting and tempting, but they come with extra fees and a higher rental cost. 

Choose a car category with the features you need in a car and at the price point you’re comfortable with.

6. Get A Credit Card

Unless you’ve decided to buy full coverage insurance with the car hire company, you’ll be asked for your credit card so they can keep a deposit. Since all credit cards differ, first call your company to know what they cover. 

Doing this keeps you from getting stuck, especially if you discover that you didn’t meet the eligibility conditions. Collison damage or CDW is generally covered, but liability isn’t. 

Hiring a car in Spain comes with liability insurance, which adds to the rental cost. 

For example, the American Express Platinum credit card has excellent coverage, but note that when booking the rental, it will be in the cardholder’s name, which is the primary driver. If not, you won’t be covered. 

Be sure to use these tips: Use another credit card for the holding charge, don’t forget to contact your bank to change your limit before traveling, and buy full-coverage insurance with zero extra charges.

7. Choose Between Petrol Or Diesel Car

When choosing between petrol and diesel, you should first consider a cost-effective option. Diesel vehicles are a cost-effective option due to the excellent economy of diesel engines and lower diesel prices. 

Many car hire companies in Spain offer a few selections of diesel vehicles to satisfy budget-conscious customers. So, if you’re embarking on a road trip through Spain, a diesel car is the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Mandatory Equipment’s In A Rental Car?

A1. The following equipment should be available in the car you’re about to hire – a reflective jacket/vest, warning triangles (2), a first aid kit, spare wheels & tools, and a flashlight.

Q2. Can I Take My Rental Cat Outside Spain?

A2. Most car hire companies in Spain allow you to drive outside Spain without charging an extra rental fee, while some have restrictions and additional charges. 

Q3. What Should I Do In Case Of Accident?

A3. Spain’s emergency number is 112, but the order of action to take is – to contact the emergency service, the police, and your car hire provider. 

Q4. What’s The Speed Limit In Spain?

A4. The speed limit differs by road classification. Dual motorways and carriageways have a 120 km/h maximum speed limit, while other roads have a speed limit of 90 km/h. ensure to watch for the various road limits based on your road type.

Hiring a car in Spain offers an exceptional opportunity to explore diverse landscapes and cultures at a convenient time and pace. 

With careful and precise planning, a zeal for exploration, and awareness of potential extra fees, your road trip will be an exciting and memorable experience.