A 26-mile-long barrier island off the North Carolina coast, Topsail is a popular choice for a seaside getaway. If you’ve decided you want to take a vacation to this spot in the next few months, you can expect to soak up the sun on pristine beaches, have fun at summer concerts and wine and food events, and cruise the calm sound on a boat or paddle board. The only decision you need to make after choosing this as your vacation destination is whether you want to stay in a hotel or in one of the fantastic Topsail beach rentals. 

Here are the advantages of hotels vs. Topsail Beach rentals and how to decide which is right for you.

Pros of Hotel

There is a reason why millions of people stay in hotels each year. Here are some of them:

  • Customer service. When you stay in a hotel, you can call the concierge with questions, get your room cleaned, and get recommendations for dining and activities. 
  • Chance to meet new people. With all the people staying in a hotel, you always have the chance to meet new friends and create new connections.
  • More amenities. Hotels tend to have more amenities than rentals including gyms, pools, saunas, spas, and on-site restaurants and bars.
  • You could get loyalty points. If you are a member of a rewards program, you may be able to rack up points by staying in certain hotels. 

Pros of Topsail Beach Rentals

There are plenty of reasons to choose a beach rental for your accommodations. They include:

  • Privacy. With a beach rental, the entire property is for you and your guests. You don’t have to worry about mingling with strangers, sharing dining areas with those you don’t know, or being disturbed by children or loud hotel guests.
  • Freedom. In your beach rental, you’ll be able to cook the meals you choose, enjoy the activities you want to enjoy, and have your own bedroom. 
  • Space. Being cooped up with your friends or family members in one room can get uncomfortable. In a beach rental, you can unpack all your belongings, spread out your stuff, and luxuriate in lots of oceanfront space.
  • Your amenities are private. If you book a rental with a hot tub, pool, fireplace, or sauna, you know that you won’t have to share any of it with strangers.
  • They are mostly pet-friendly. Though some hotels will also welcome dogs, a rental is much more likely to allow your furry friend and your pet will certainly appreciate the extra space.
  • There are more options. While hotels tend to offer only a handful of room options, there are hundreds of different rentals to choose from, each with their own unique look, feel, and amenities.

Hotel or Beach Rental: Which is Right for You?

Decided it’s time to book a vacation to Topsail? Once you go over the list of pros of both Topsail beach rentals and hotels, you should be able to easily decide which is right for your getaway. If you do decide to secure a rental, make sure you go with a reputable rental company and decide which amenities are important to you so you can match up your booking with your vacation goals.