Want to put your best foot forward this Mother’s Day? Then it’s time to head over to the Tieks Boutiek to start planning your head-to-toe look. I’m already scouting both the mini and full-size Razzleberries for me and my little. Why? Well, from fashion and durability to comfort and standout looks, these teal-bottomed ballet flats check all the boxes that discerning mommas need to cover.

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First of all, let’s talk style: They come in close to 70 different prints, colors, and finishes, each complete with that distinctive signature sole that we can’t help but compare to a certain brand of red-bottomed stilettos. Plus, every pair of Tieks ships to your door in a decorative box that’s perfect for putting your collection on display.

Then, there’s the convenience factor, something we moms can never get enough of. Every pair of Tieks folds up, making it super simple to slip in your bag for a quick change after the gym or when you need comfort after a day of meetings in heels.

Now, all of that’s great, but we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet: As cute as Tieks look, they feel even better. Unlike so many of those other ballet flats collecting dust in the back of my closet, Tieks ditched elastic backings in favor of cushioned ones, so they don’t cut into your heels. Plus, the shoes are constructed with foam-cushioned insoles and soft, Italian leather outers, making them feel like a dream right from the start. 

Redefining Mommy-and-Me Style 

Starting to get why Tieks are the haute new mom shoe? Need another reason to check out this brand? Then let’s talk mommy-and-me style. Let’s face it: While dressing to match your little one is special for both of you, finding looks that both parties adore can be challenging, to say the least. 

Luckily, Tieks has solved that problem with its carefully curated selection of girls’ styles. From Mini Matte Black to Mini Pewter and Ruby Red, the styles in smaller sizes are chic and sophisticated, a dream for matching moms. Or, if your little prefers to parade around in the oh-so-girlie Mini Cotton Candy style — also available in mommy sizes — you can still find a coordinating look: Try Ballerina Pink, Fuschia, or even Cream.

Hands Down, the Best Ballet Flats for Moms

Launched in 2008 by CEO Kfir Gavrieli, this direct-to-consumer shoe line pretty much revolutionized the ballet flat category right from the start, and in the past two years, ballet flats have made a major resurgence on runways around the world. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to stop keeping up with trends just because you’re a mother. Well, thanks to Tieks, we moms can be on our feet all day long but still sport cool, chic styles. So, if you want to look and feel your best on Mother’s Day (and every day) just reach for those teal-bottomed beauties. Timeless, trendy, and super comfortable, Tieks are just what your feet — and your style — have been looking for all these years.