Maybe you’ve noticed some strange things happening during the past months that are out of normal. Your dreams feel more vivid, your intuition seems sharper, and you keep seeing babies or couples with babies everywhere. There are beautiful spiritual changes taking place as you grow this new life within you, even without your knowledge. Here are eight of the most common spiritual signs of pregnancy that moms-to-be notice.

    Increased Intuition And Psychic Abilities

    During pregnancy, your intuition and psychic abilities seem to kick it up a notch. You’ll find yourself thinking about someone and then your phone rings and it’s them! Or you’ll be daydreaming about the perfect cup of coffee, and, lo and behold, a nice person at the cafe buys your coffee for you. Your mind is more in tune with everything and everyone around you when you’re expecting.

    Vivid Dreams And Premonitions

    Many pregnant women experience extremely vivid dreams and premonitions, especially in the early stages. Your subconscious may be processing the massive changes happening in your body and life. These dreams are often symbolic of your fears, hopes, and desires for the new life growing inside you.

    It’s worth paying attention to what your dreams are telling you. They could give you insights into how you really feel about being pregnant and becoming a mom. Don’t be shocked if you dream of snakes, spiders, water, babies, or giving birth – those are normal themes for expectant moms’ dreams.

    Pregnant woman cradling her belly

    A Stronger Connection To Your Unborn Baby

    Pregnancy is a wondrous experience that often brings you closer to your baby, even before birth. You may find yourself bonding deeply with the new life growing inside you in unexpected spiritual ways.

    If you didn’t even know you were pregnant yet, you might just suddenly feel like you really want to touch your belly or be extra careful about staying healthy.

    And if you did already know, a lot of moms just totally feel deep down whether it’s a boy or girl, and find themselves thinking of names for them. Or maybe you were always more shy or tired, but suddenly you feel really strong and so protective.

    You Feel The Baby’s Energy

    You might get a sense of baby’s energy or presence. You may feel a glow over your belly, a warm and loving energy, or even get the impression of your baby’s unique personality shining through. It’s just this energy that’s hard to describe exactly, but you know it’s there.

    Recurring Numbers

    When you’re pregnant, you may notice certain numbers popping up more often. For example, seeing 333 could indicate your baby’s guardian angels are watching over them or that this pregnancy will lead to new opportunities and personal growth. Or angel number 555 is supposed to be a sign that your pregnancy is going to be a transformative experience

    Noticing 11:11 a lot? This mirror hour signifies new beginnings, intuition, and spiritual awakening. Its repetition during pregnancy may reflect your transition to motherhood and heightened connection with your unborn baby. These divine messages are meant to uplift and empower you.

    Smelling Flowers Out of Nowhere

    During pregnancy, your sense of smell may become more sensitive, allowing you to detect scents that others can’t. One sign is that they might smell flowers out of nowhere. Even though there aren’t any flowers around! One minute they’re just going about their day, and then all of a sudden they get a whiff of roses or lavender in the air. But when they look, there’s no flowers to be found.

    Doctors think it’s because of how the hormones are playing with the smell receptors in the nose. But some moms-to-be feel like it could be more than that. They believe the universe is sending them comforting signs through the nice floral scents. Even if no one else can smell the flowers, it’s a special moment just for them.

    Animals Love Your Presence

    Many pregnant women report that pets become very affectionate and want to be near them. This may be because animals can sense the new life growing inside you.

    Dogs, in particular, have a keen sense of smell and can detect changes in your hormones and pheromones. They may become extra cuddly, follow you around more, and want to snuggle up close to your belly. Some dogs become very protective of their pregnant owners as well. If you don’t have pets of your own, you may find that strays or neighbor’s dogs are friendlier towards you, too.

    Cats can also pick up on the changes in your body and energy during pregnancy. While cats are generally more independent, some may become more social and lap-loving. They seem to sense you need extra comfort and support.

    Animals have an intuitive connection with nature and new life. Your pregnancy, even in the early stages, resonates with them. Their affection and desire to nurture you is their way of welcoming the baby and becoming part of your growing family.

    Babies Are Everywhere

    Suddenly, babies seem to be everywhere you look. You notice cute baby clothes in store windows, see happy couples pushing strollers, and find your social media feeds filled with pregnancy announcements and baby photos. This heightened awareness of babies and all things maternal is your subconscious mind’s way of preparing you for the baby you have on the way.

    Your mind is highly attuned to focus on things that are personally relevant or meaningful to you. Now that you’re expecting (even if you don’t know it yet), your mind filters the world to notice babies and baby-related items. This helps ensure you are absorbing information that will be useful for your own experience of pregnancy and parenting.