Mid taper fade haircuts feature a gradual transition from a longer hair at the top of the head to a shorter hair at the neckline. The flexibility of mid taper fade style makes it more popular among most men in 2024. 

Most men prefer their hair to slowly change in its length from the top down to the neckline. To make the best choice for your haircut, learn more about mid taper fade.


1. Mid Tapered Fade Style

    If the size and type of your hair allows for mid taper fade haircut, this is one of the many mid taper styles you should consider having because you cannot go wrong with it. It is best suited for both casual and formal occasions. 

    Mid tapered fade helps flatter your makes and makes you look presentable. It is a timeless classic style that best works for men with medium to long hair. 

    2. Slick Back Taper 

      This a refined and complex hairstyle that involves sleeking the top of the head backward making your long hair appear medium long. On the sides and the back, the hair has a mid taper fade that gradually decreases in length towards the neckline. 

      To achieve this style, you will need a strong styling product with a glossy finish to sleek your hair backward and hold it together.

      3. Pushed Forward Long Top With A Mid Taper Fade Cut 

        This type of haircut is the opposite of the sleek back taper style as it involves pushing the long top hair forward while maintaining a shorter taper fade on the sides and the back. 

        This is a style for gentlemen looking for long hair on top instead of a buzz cut. 

        4. The Classic Taper Fade White Guy Style

          This taper fade haircut is one of the most popular and preferred taper fade styles because of its simplicity and neatness. It makes gentlemen to appear sexier and masculine.

          In addition, the white guy taper fade is flexible and can fit to several occasions including a job interview, a romantic date, and a business meeting. It is applicable in both casual and formal occasions. 

          To get the best taper fade white guy haircut, ensure that you look for a skilled stylist as the style can be sophisticated depending on the type of hair and your face shape.

          Remember that not all styles can suit your head and thus it is important to consult with their barber about the most ideal style for your head.

          5. Taper Fade Wavy Haircut 

            Taper fade wavy stye features a long curly hair on the top and a gradually shortening hair towards the neckline. It is best suited for men with thick, full, and textured hair.

            If you are looking for a long-lasting taper fade haircut that does not require you to visit the barber every two weeks, it is advisable to go for a taper fade wavy style.

            6. Middle Part Taper Haircut 

              The middle part taper haircut is also referred to as curtain bangs and is one of the popular styles currently. The style became popular because of the eBoy culture devotees.

              The style works best for men with straight and wavy hair. However, men with curly and long hair can also try the middle part taper style.

              7. The Mid Edgar Haircut 

                Edgar haircut can be used on nearly all types of hair, so you can be assured that it will work for you. It is one of the most popular styles because of its versatility, neatness, and simplicity.

                Although it is less sophisticated, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a professional stylist so that you can get the best haircut. 

                8. Mid Buzz Cut 

                  Buzz cut is often associated with short hair. However, by letting your hair grow by a few centimeters, you can qualify for a mid-buzz haircut.

                  In simple terms, mid buzz-cut is simply an upgraded buzz cut to a slightly longer hair. The slight difference in length between the hair on top and on the sides makes style more pronounced. 

                  To sum up, the mid taper fade styles explained above are a small percentage of the many taper fade styles that one can choose from.