Working remotely is a trend in recent years. Most people prefer this model because it is convenient, less stressful and saves a lot of time. 

However, some companies are stating that it can affect the productivity. If you are struggling with yours, the first thing you might need to change is the spot where you are working from home. But before that, have you considered a standing desk? It is proven as a healthier solution since sitting all day is far from being healthy. And in this case, you can stand up from the chair, and still be productive. 

The interesting fact is that your desk and a whole layout can say a lot about you. Let’s explore this topic in the following sections. 

A Messy One

First of all, don’t worry, if your desk is cluttered, and the whole layout is messy, that doesn’t necessarily mean something negative about you. According to some researches, those with messy desks are often more extroverted, always open to communicate and deal with various challenges. 

But there is still a downside. It is about constantly being filled with tasks, fighting with deadlines, you know, that’s why that desk is such a mess after all.

Minimalistic Layout

This one is all about the routine. It is a signal that the person is well-organized. Someone who is always planning everything in advance. Always prepared for new tasks. A disciplined worker who is reliable.

However, such people may lack the emotional part. They won’t stick to one job for a longer time. Also, they usually care less of the issues in the company. Such a person is there to fulfill its assignments, and that’s all. 

You Prefer to Mark Your Space

It can be even a simple detail as your favorite mug, a picture of yours, or any other object. It is often a sign of more aggressive personalities. Those who will always try to put themselves upfront, and to be dominant. 

The interesting thing that a home layout is not what matters the most for these people. It’s their place anyway. But looking them in a regular office, that’s when things can get heated. Your dominant colleague might even try to get part of your desk for himself.

Make the Space Your Own

If you just can’t get to working because the desk and a whole layout simply isn’t what makes you comfortable, then you are a “personalizer”, a person that prefer adding its special touch to the space. 

These people are known as extroverted, but also curious about everything. Also, scientists says that these people usually have a more stable mental health, and tend to be more creative. 

The Layout Must be “Just Right”

In this case, it is about the situations where a lot of different things annoys you. If you don’t like sitting in a spot where the window is in front, or the doors are on a side you don’t like, then you are a “surveyor”.

Such person prefer its own space in that particular way and order, and making a slightest change to it will cause chaos for them. Also, these people are known as being more introverted. 

The Bottom Line

It’s quite interesting how a simple desk layout can say so much about us. But when it comes to home office, it doesn’t really matter, just make your working space really your own.