Tacoma, Washington located in the United States is a beacon of culture, history, and natural beauty offering numerous activities and sights that make it an irresistible destination for tourists and a cherished home for residents. 

When one goes through the many things to do in Tacoma, it becomes clear why this vibrant city on Puget Sound’s majestic shores is not only a place to visit but also a community most of us can’t wait to call our home. 

A beautiful mix of urban sophistication with rugged natural beauty makes Tacoma perfect for any kind of adventure exploration right from its well-known art galleries and museums to its lush parks plus scenic waterfront.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Tacoma Washington

Tacoma’s fascination doesn’t end at tourist attractions; it is also a town that has seen significant increase in new residents attracted by its charm, quality of life and fresh starts. This recent interest has underscored the need for finding reliable moving companies in Tacoma as more individuals look to transition smoothly into their new Pacific Northwest lifestyles. 

With world-class glass art, tranquil waterfronts or just friendly faces around every corner, Tacoma offers an array of experiences that any tourist or prospective resident would wish to try out making it a destination where you can always expect adventure around each turn.

1. Be Immersed Into Glass Art World

Chihuly Bridge of Glass

Tacoma’s connection with glass art has been cemented by Dale Chihuly; an internationally known artist who hails from this native town. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass serves as an impressive gateway into the thriving Museum District of the city. 

The 500 ft pedestrian bridge is decorated with breathtaking glass installations like the Seaform Pavilion; which appears like being underwater due to 2,364 pieces placed together on ceilings and Crystal Towers’ enchanting glowing at night time completion not just a bridge but rather than a passage through one’s world acclaimed artist in glass’.

Museum of Glass

Upon crossing the bridge go straight to the Museum of Glass where glass blowing happens live, there are exhibits that captivate and interactive installations. The Hot Shop Amphitheater in the museum gives people a chance to watch artists who are skilled in glass making create such art by their bare hands.

2. Explore Tacoma Waterfront

Ruston Way

Tacoma’s Ruston Way along its waterfront is an ideal place for walking, jogging or biking at your own pace. This perfect place to connect with nature while remaining in the city has panoramic views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains as well as Mount Rainier. There are several parks on the way, historical markers and a range of seafood restaurants offering delicious food with a view. Sit outside and enjoy some wonderful Pacific Northwest scenery while you dine.

3. Discovering Rich History of Tacoma

Washington State History Museum

The Washington State History Museum takes you through history exhibits that unveil the rich fabric of Washington’s past. 

From early Native American cultures who inhabited this land, to present day innovation and diversity, interactive displays take visitors on a journey through the state’s history. For history lovers of all ages, visiting this museum is made fascinating by its artifacts and engaging storytelling.

Tacoma Historical Society

If you would like to delve deeper into the story of Tacoma itself, the Tacoma Historical Society has insights on how the city developed, who its people were and what happened at various times in their lives. 

The building houses a wealth of photographs and other memorabilia with constantly rotating exhibits making this a must visit place for anyone interested in local history.

4. Point Defiance Park: A Plethora of Beauty

Zoo & Aquarium

Point Defiance Park is a vast 760-acre oasis which has something for everyone. The park’s main attraction is Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium where visitors can see animals from Pacific Rim countries among others. The place provides well thought out habitats for every animal lover right from Asian elephants to North Pacific sea otters.

Five Mile Drive and Trails

The Five Mile Drive as well as its surrounding trails offer spectacular views and tranquil walks through old-growth forests for those who love nature walks. This large park offers some wonderful picnic spots or challenging hikes as per your requirements.

5. Delve into Tacoma’s Brewing Culture

Craft Beer Scene

The development of the craft brewing industry (craft beer scene) in Tacoma echoes back to the early twentieth century when it was famous for its numerous breweries (rich brewing heritage). 

One can find several breweries and taprooms here with varied styles ranging from traditional lagers to inventive IPAs that make up an active craft beer scene found in present-day Tacoma. You can take a brewery tour; discover yourself inside each of these small spaces, speak to brewers, and learn what actually goes into it all.

7 Seas Brewing

You definitely have to try 7 Seas Brewing; one that always stands out due to their commitment towards sustainability and community involvement. If you are looking forward to tasting some very nice beers produced by some amazing hands then this is surely your place.


It’s obvious why Tacomasunsets over Puget Sound leave one with an impression that it is more than just a place to go, it’s like a journey. The journey entails art, history, nature’s splendor and culinary delights that will make any visitor feel amazed and every resident proud of their city.

This is Tacoma, Washington where its rich past merges with a dynamic present like loose threads woven through the fabric of time, inviting and enchanting. 

Tacoma’s extraordinary diversity of attractions include world-known glass artistry; historical museums; breathtaking parks as well as innovative breweries which means there is something for everyone in this city hence making a visit here; an adventure without end.

However, what sets apart Tacoma from all other areas are the people living there. Locating a moving company in Tacoma is an exceptionally unusual practice because of the warmness and enthusiasm of individuals that greet you as soon as you arrive, and their true exultation at having a fresh person join their society. 

Even though the city continues to change due to its increasing popularity among many people, it still possesses that essential spirit which differentiates it from other cities.