Impressing guests with your home is more challenging than you might think. Everyone who visits you expects it to be a hotel-like experience, which is notoriously hard to achieve. 

However, you can approximate a setup like that if you have the right approach. The trick is to view your guest room as less of a spare room where people stay, and more as somewhere designed to excite them and convince them that they’ve had a good time. 

But what are the ingredients of the ultimate guest room makeover? Well, you’re about to find out. Here, we take a look at all the essentials so you know precisely what you need to do to generate a solid impression on anyone who stays with you. 

Add Some Comfy Seating

While the main purpose of the guest room is to provide somewhere for visitors to sleep, it can also help to add comfy seating. Many people want somewhere to sit during the day in their own private space, instead of having to make do with the bed. 

If you have space, include a sofa and an armchair. A setup like this will provide ample seating for anyone who wants to stay, letting them enjoy their time more and retreat to the bedroom when needed. 

If you don’t have a lot of space, consider adding a stool in the corner or under the vanity. These can still be helpful and make the bedroom feel like a more relaxing space. 

Leave Guest Goodies

Another trick is to leave guest goodies in the bedroom to make them feel more welcome. Little things like local treats or bottled water can make all the difference. 

You can also try adding travel-sized toiletries to the ensuite bathroom. These are exceptionally helpful for guests who might have forgotten some items and don’t want to go out to the convenience store to top up on supplies. 

It’s also a nice touch that makes people feel much more welcome. Staying in someone else’s home can induce feelings of shyness, but if people receive goodies, then it can make a tremendous difference in how they feel. 

Add Nightstand Essentials

You can apply the same principles to nightstands. Putting little goodies and things that your guests need in these can be tremendously helpful. 

For example, you might equip them with USB and phone charging ports. These can be useful for guests who forget their chargers or just want somewhere easy to plug in their devices. 

You should also add table lamps in case guests want to read or have the light on next to them at night. These should emit a gentle light that helps visitors relax and get ready for bed. 

Add Ample Storage

You also want your guests to have ample storage in the bedroom so that they can avoid leaving everything strewn across the floor. Providing them with plenty of chests of drawers, wardrobes, and built-in cupboards can be extremely helpful. 

Ideally, you want somewhere for guests to hang their clothes. These days, you can get special hangars that fit the rail in your closet that can’t be removed. These are handy if you regularly host guests and want each person visiting to have access to somewhere to store their clothes. 

You might also want to consider maintaining storage under the bed. Pull-out drawers and even plastic tubs can be an excellent option for anyone wanting to improve their clutter situation. 

Finally, it’s a good idea in small bedrooms to place storage behind the door. Hanging pouches on the back provides guests with a convenient place to keep small items, like their keys. 

Make The Bed The Star

Another pro tip when launching the ultimate guest room makeover is to make the bed the star. You want it to be the main event in the room, both in terms of how it looks and feels. 

Your top priority should be to get a mattress that will provide guests with ample comfort. Buying something like a Nectar mattress is one option. However, you need a product that’s going to be comfortable for more than one person. You also want something that strikes a balance between firm and soft, so that guests don’t sink into the bedding or feel uncomfortable perched on top of it. 

Aside from the mattress, there are other things you can do to make the bed the star of the room. Start off by picking a stylish headboard that will immediately stand out once guests enter the room. Complement it with throw pillows and attractive sheets for the ultimate hotel-style look. 

If possible, avoid relying on duvets. While these are becoming more popular, most guests still associate them with homes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take a leaf out of hotels’ books and layer your bedding. Start with a sheet at the bottom and add various blankets until you get the thickness you need.                                                                                                     

Invest In Luxe Linens

You also want to invest in luxe linens when creating the ultimate guest room makeover. Little details like these can really wow your guests and convince them that they had a wonderful stay with you. 

There are plenty of high-quality linens available from most top homeware stores, so they should be fairly straightforward to find. Look for plain white. These are crisp and have the most professional appearance. Guests love them because they make it easy to spot stains. If you go with another color, people who stay with you will always wonder what might be lurking behind the shades. 

You can add a pop of color with patterned duvets if you want, but make sure that the coloration is light. Don’t pick anything too dark as guests may worry it conceals dirt. 

Add Fluffy Towels

Adding plenty of fluffy towels is something else you might want to try. Piling up the plushness can make the room feel more professional and welcoming. 

When choosing towels, ensure you place them on the bed or the rack. Choose towels that are pure white and freshly laundered so they feel plush and nice when they come into contact with the skin. 

Also, include a range of towel sizes. Pick large ones for the shower and smaller ones for the face and hair. You can also place a little card on top of the towels with the date of their last wash to increase comfort even further. 

Add A Coffee And Tea Station

Practically all commercial hotel rooms have a coffee and tea station guests can use to refresh themselves when they arrive or get their caffeine hit in the morning. Even the cheapest accommodation has this, so there’s no reason why your bedroom can’t as well. 

You don’t need much space. Just a small table in the corner with all the milk, coffee beans, creamer, kettle, tea bags, and stirrers is enough. These days, you can buy everything you need as a cheap kit, so don’t worry about making it too elaborate. 

Include Fresh Scents

Finally, you’ll want to include plenty of fresh scents in your bedroom. Making it smell great is an excellent way to help guests feel like they are staying in luxury accommodation. 

Start by adding a soy wax candle or calming diffuser. Add a soothing aroma to the space that helps people feel relaxed, like lavender or eucalyptus. Avoid anything too pungent or unusual. Keep any smells in the background

So there you have it: some tips for the ultimate guest room makeover and hosting people in style. Now you can finally impress people who visit you!