Digital technology has made all of our lives easier in many different ways, and travel is definitely one of them. Travel apps have grown from simple conveniences to indispensable tools that help us plan every step of our trips. Whether it’s breaking down language barriers or making sure you find the best deals, there’s a travel app just waiting to help.

#1: eDreams

One tool that is worth considering for any family planning a trip is a multi-functional booking service like, an app designed to act as an all-in-one travel partner. Available on both Android and iOS devices, the app is accessible and has features like automatic check-in for flights and real-time flight updates.

After downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store, users can create an eDreams account and start planning their next family adventure. The streamlined design provides multiple features in one place, including flight and hotel bookings, car rentals, and even vacation packages. Having this kind of versatility will come in handy.

#2: Google Translate

Have you ever traveled to a country where you don’t speak the language and the locals don’t speak yours? As fun as it may be at the time, trying to communicate with each other through random hand movements doesn’t always work so well.

Although the first iteration of the Google Translate app didn’t solve this problem entirely, the current version is pretty close to doing so. The core functionality of the app works across 108 languages and involves three features: text translation, speech translation, and camera translation. This means that you can translate both verbal and written text, even if the written text is part of an image. 

As well as that, Google Translate features a Real-Time Conversation mode, and this is where it really shines while you’re away on a vacation. Imagine that your family is sitting in a small restaurant in Rome. You’re all tired after a long day on your feet and you’re ready to order some pizza for dinner, but you don’t speak Italian and the people at the restaurant don’t speak English. This feature will automatically translate what you’re saying to Italian, and then what they’re saying back to you in English. Problem solved.

#3: GOWhee

GOWhee, the next app on our list, is an absolute must for any traveling family. Traveling with children can feel like a juggling act as you try to balance their interests and energy levels with your own travel goals, but this is where GOWhee comes in. It’s an app designed specifically to make traveling fun for kids by highlighting child-friendly attractions all over the world. 

At its core, GOWhee’s mission is simple. The company wants to ensure that no matter where in the world your family ventures, there are always exciting activities for kids available. Whether it’s interactive museums in Paris or nature trails in Thailand, the app aims to cover a very wide range of different interests.

#4: Hoptale

If GOWhee is all about finding opportunities for your kids to create incredible memories, then Hoptale is all about preserving them. The app serves as both a digital scrapbook and a travel journal, allowing you to tie together photos, diary entries, and maps into one cohesive story of your family’s travel adventure.

One of the reasons this app works so well is that it allows your kids to be involved in the process. Instead of just asking them to pose for photos every now and again, you can task them with writing mini-diary entries or even taking photos themselves. Just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean that they can’t be creatively engaged at the same time.

Another benefit of Hoptale is that it makes it really easy to share your travels in real-time. If there are grandparents or other family members back home who are keen to keep up with what your family has been doing on vacation, the app makes this very simple.

With these four travel apps on your phone, you’ll be ready to tackle any family vacation. Not only will you make sure that you’re getting all the best deals, but you’ll also ensure that communication across any language is a breeze. In addition, the best activities for your kids will be readily available, and everything will be documented and organized so you can reflect on the trip later on down the line.