Fan of excitement and thrills on the sea, yet careful when it comes to expenses? Luckily, you can manage all of that and we can help you in the process. Each yacht typically comes with a base rate, dictating the weekly rental fee.

However, beyond this base price lie additional expenses such as provisions, beverages, local levies, and fuel charges. These supplementary costs can accumulate swiftly, warranting careful consideration during the planning phase, which is why we’re offering all the help you may need. Let’s take a look at all the factors impacting costs when considering a luxury yacht charter in Croatia.

What is included in a luxury yacht rental price?

Before making a reservation for your luxury yacht charter, it’s important to consider the costs of everything you have in mind for a full experience. Costs, such as charter fees, crew, insurance, fuel, dining, entertainment, water toys, etc., should all be taken into consideration as they may vary greatly. An easy way to get help with all of the above is to choose Yacht IN, a popular opportunity for everyone seeking a luxurious charter adventure.

Some yacht charters even include catering services. Just remember that port fees and taxes may vary depending on the location. Overall, these inclusions ensure a worry-free and exceptional sailing experience for charterers.

“All-Inclusive” vs. “Plus Expenses” yacht charter

When considering a yacht charter, understanding the price structure is crucial for budgeting and planning your trip effectively. There are two primary price structures for yacht charters: “All-Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses”. Let’s explore the differences between these two options:

All-Inclusive yacht charter

As its name may indicate, in an all-inclusive yacht charter, all essential expenses are bundled into the total cost. This encompasses everything we mentioned in the previous paragraph. This package is ideal for individuals seeking a stress-free journey without unexpected expenses, as all arrangements are pre-arranged and paid in advance. 

“Plus Expenses” yacht charter

Larger motor yacht rates exclude running expenses, which are billed separately. The base price solely covers the yacht. Additional costs, like food, beverages, fuel, docking fees, and port taxes, are itemized. Usually, those running expenses can affect your total price and change it for approximately 25-35% of the base price.

How does the time of year affect rental prices?

The time of year you choose to charter a luxury yacht can also affect the cost. That’s why, when talking about Croatia, Dalmatia yacht charter tends to be higher during the summer months. Hence, charter prices differ depending on the time of the year you’re considering. During off-peak seasons yacht rental prices are more affordable because the demand is lower. 

Size and type of yacht matter the most

Last but not least – the type and size of the yacht. Larger yachts with multiple cabins and spacious decks typically come with a higher rental cost. Additionally, the type of yacht can also impact the price due to factors like fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. 

So, if you’re looking to charter a yacht, keep in mind that the size and type you pick will play a big role in what you’ll pay.

Renting a luxury yacht offers a unique opportunity to indulge in luxury, adventure, and freedom on the open waters. Although the initial cost may appear steep, it’s essential to consider the incredible experience and lasting memories that await.