If you need to sell your home quickly, you may have considered “we buy houses” companies. Relying on an agency can be an effective way to avoid the delays of the traditional home sale process. However, not every “we buy houses” company is legitimate, and there are pitfalls to be aware of. 

For instance, signs off the road that say “we buy houses” are almost always scams. You must research and find authentic, reliable cash buyer companies to avoid being taken advantage of. There are likely cash buyers in your area who can help you close your sale quickly.

To sell your home through cash buyer companies, avoid common pitfalls. With these pointers in mind, you can select the right company to ensure you sell your home quickly without being taken advantage of financially. For more information, continue reading and contact providers like Myers Home Buyers to get started. 

Legitimate cash house buyers follow three steps. 

With reliable cash house buyers, you can sell your home within two weeks or a two-month window. The process is simple and consists of just three straightforward steps you can follow to move things along:

  1. You’ll speak with an agent about your house and determine if you’re a candidate.
  1. An agent will come to your home and conduct a walk-through. 
  1. At the end, you’ll receive an immediate quote that you can accept or pass on. You’ll continue the closing process and sell your house within the 2-week to two-month period. 

Avoid prolonged payment delays.

The house buyers company you work with may have a longer time frame for sale closings. However, you should avoid companies claiming they can’t sell your home for a while. Any lagging payments suggest that the buyer does not have the funds to purchase the property. 

Avoid super-low offers. 

Another sign to watch out for is house buyers making very low offers. While “we buy houses” companies are likely to quote under market value, it should not be extremely low. Buyers attempting this are most likely trying to sell contracts to other buyers for up to tens of thousands in profit. 

Avoid working with agents not associated with real companies. 

Moreover, avoid cash home buyers not associated with cash buyer companies. Reliable cash house buyers are individuals working for legitimate companies. You should see an office address, a website, and credentials that prove the company is official and reliable. 

Avoid falling for unsolicited offers. 

If cash house buyers reach out to you with an offer you haven’t requested, this is a sign you’re dealing with a scam. Likewise, offers made without a pre assessment should be avoided. In these cases, you’re likely working with someone trying to take advantage of your finances. 

Close your sale successfully.  

When you’re dealing with “we buy houses” companies, ensure you’re dealing with a genuine agent. As valid as house buyers can be, plenty of scams exist. Do your research and avoid the above common pitfalls to ensure your cash sale is completed appropriately.