In the past, people had to rely on taxis or car services. Then came along rideshares like Uber. That changed the game, since there was more control over their ride experience. As  convenient as that is, there is still the risk of being in an accident while sitting in the back as a passenger. What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? While one of the first things you should do is contact an Uber accident lawyer, there are other things to do before that. 

Contact Emergency Personnel

 Since smartphones are so prevalent, and chances are high that you have one, you can immediately call 911 to have them send an ambulance, whether it’s for you, the driver or other people. This way, you can also start a document trail, especially if you were the one injured in the accident. 

When the police come, use your phone’s notes app to take down names of the officer’s names and badge numbers. This is also another step in terms of compiling a document trail. 

Contact Uber

You need to let Uber know as soon as possible that an accident has happened. You can go right on the app and go to “Driver Feedback” and select “I Was Involved in an Accident.” This can be done right after the accident.

Get All the Important Information

There are several things that you should be gathering. First, you’ll have the name of your driver — it’ll be on the app. Write down the name, too, or screenshot the app. Get the Uber driver’s insurance card and take a picture of it with your smartphone or write it down on a pad. Make sure that the images are clear right there — don’t wait until later to find that they are blurry. 

Another thing you need to get is the license plate numbers of all the vehicles that were involved in the crash.   Take as many photos as you can of the entire scene. The more evidence that you have, the better. Also, write as many notes as you can while the whole incident is fresh in your mind. That way, you can avoid forgetting anything crucial later on. 

Get Medical Help As Soon as Possible

Whether this is at a hospital or at your doctor, you need to make sure that you didn’t have any underlying injuries that show up days later. This could result in chronic pain. That way, you will have proof that you can include when you submit your claims. This will bolster anything that you put forth. 

Now is when you bring a lawyer into the picture. Explain everything that happened. Show them all the evidence and documents that you have. They will go over it and see whether you have a valid injury claim. They will then walk you through the entire process. 

It can be very jarring to be in an accident as an Uber passenger. If you’re prepared, though, and have read through something like this, then you should be able to get everything started. Your Uber lawyer, especially an experienced one, will be able to help guide you through everything, too. They will know what documents you need to send, and what deadlines you need to meet. Then you will hopefully be able to get the compensation you deserve and resume your life as it was before the accident.