Seeing is believing, right? But in some cases, that’s not right. Technically, we cannot see mental health like physical health. However, a healthy mind reflects on the body.

Most people eat healthy, sleep on time, exercise, and stay hydrated. Such practices are good and the human body displays its results. However, some people neglect mental health which is equally important.

Our fast-paced lives don’t let us unfold. We’re always busy with one thing or another. Somehow, we find time to take care of our physical health, and that’s encouraging. But what’s not encouraging is that we totally forget about our mental well-being.

We know how occupied you are. So, we came up with this idea. Instead of asking you to see a therapist, we’ve brought therapy to your palms. Hence, the purpose of this article is to explore phenomenal mental wellness applications. Now, let’s explore some apps that can truly help:

  1. MindShift: 

Originally designed for youngsters, this app finds its applications for all. MindShift uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to channel anxiety into something productive. This app helps you to relax and change the thought process.

This app offers a variety of tools such as a journal, chill zone, and guided meditations. Moreover, it also offers a quick relief tool to overcome frequent phases of anxiety. Also, you can share the mental progress in your circle with this app.

  1. PTSD Coach: 

This app can be your personal coach in countering PTSD. The key features of this app are useful tools, self-help strategies, and stress and anger issues. Originally, this app was designed for military personnel facing severe PTSD. However, due to its usefulness, it attracted a lot of the general public as well.

  1. BellyBio: 

Breathing can help in difficult situations. Constant inhaling and exhaling can reduce stress and make our minds clear. BellyBio helps you breathe right by providing real-time breathing feedback. 

In addition, it shows the stress levels with the help of a graph. A sound similar to ocean waves is played by the app to make you relaxed. Afterward, putting the phone on the belly tracks the belly’s movement. Ultimately, it displays a stress graph that is synchronized with your deep breathing.

However, such mental wellness apps won’t work without a proper connection. To show data in real-time, these apps need to be connected to a seamless internet connection. To ensure accurate data, we recommend a connection like Xfinity. 

Such top-notch connection enables you to stay connected anywhere anytime. Moreover, Xfinity provides millions of free hotspot zones throughout the country. So, you don’t have to worry about staying connected.

You can visit the Xfinity website for more information. Also, they’re offering Spanish customer support for Spanish customers. For this, they can connect to telefono de Xfinity.

  1. What’s Up: 

Many of our problems originate from a lack of social acceptance. Sometimes, rejection means the end of the world for us. It makes us think worthless. However, that’s not the case.

With this app, you can redirect negative thoughts toward positive energy. What’s Up puts your societal problems in a more understandable perspective. Moreover, you can maintain track of recurring positive and negative thoughts with this app.

  1. Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite: 

A sage once said, “There’s no better antidote than a good night’s sleep”. Also, it’s a fact that a good sleep can make us relaxed. This application is specifically for this purpose. Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite works using “Deep Sleep Meditation”. 

It focuses on providing a good, deep sleep to solve your worries. This app lets you wind down before going to bed. So, you feel pretty light and calm and consequently, get the sleep you deserve.

  1. Bearable: 

With Bearable, your mental health can be compared to general health. This way, you can get a hint of your mental state. Bearable extends its features to tracking and evaluating mood swings, symptoms, and meditation. 

In addition, you can integrate healthcare routines such as exercise, sleep, and alcohol with Bearable. Also, you can send the data to a therapist as well. This way, users can evaluate how well their mental health is performing. Other than mental support, you can set alarms or reminders for medications and sleep.

  1. eMoods Classic: 

This app is specifically designed for people fighting bipolar disorder. Often, symptoms of bipolar disorder vary from person to person. So, it becomes a conundrum to identify bipolar disorder.

eMoods Classic offers a range of tools that help in tracking down the symptoms. Observations from the app can be shared with healthcare professionals. Ultimately, they can find out a pattern or a cause of bipolar disorder.

Bottom Line:

Mental health is as important as our physical health. Physical health can be maintained via exercise and diet. However, mental health needs special attention. With these apps, you can pay heed to your mental health and provide the much-needed care it deserves.