LAK Games made the game Bubble Shooter. In this pinball game, we have to group three or more bubbles of the same color together and pop them. You get more points when you shoot more bubbles at once. You are out of the game if you don’t make a good combination. 

The row in the field goes quickly down. When the bubbles hit the bottom line of the screen, the game is over. The game is over for you.  The online bubble shooter game main goal is to clear the bubbles and make more groups of the same color. 

Modes of Game:

There are two types of game modes, which are:

  • Strategy

In Bubble Shooter’s strategy mode, you only get a certain number of shots to make the same color combos that will pop them and give you a score. If you don’t pop all the bubbles by the end of the shots, the game is over.

  • Arcade

When you play game in Arcade mode, you only have a certain amount of time to pop all the bubbles by making combos and pooping them. When the available time complete and you don’t complete all the bubbles, the game will be out.

Bubble Shooter scoring modes:

There are two scoring modes of bubble shooter are which are mentioned below:

  • Classic Mode

You can use the slow rate speed to get rid of all the bubbles in the Classic mode of the bubble shooter game. You can clear all the bubbles by making combinations at any time and with any number of shots.

  • Sniper Mode:

In sniper mode, there is a goal to clear the game field full of bubbles by using less number of shots. 

Goal of the game:

Goals of the game are high scores. You made a good shot. It is crucial to choose the necessary location of bubbles.

Playing Bubble Shooter is refreshing if you need some time to get away from everyday pressures. This is why; their players can enjoy a break from the usual schedules and have fun at the same time.All bubbles of one color are cleared by pressing left button on your mouse or tapping with finger screen.

Bubble shooter versions:

Bubble Shooter comes in different versions:

  • Free Bubble Shooter: 

Bubble Shooter has 100 levels. It’s simple to win.

  • Pro Bubble Shooter:

This version of Bubble Shooter has been worked on by fans for several hours. This game is very enjoyable to play. In this version, fans can accomplish their tasks and receive more money with the help of power-ups.

How to Play Bubble Shooter:

Bubble can be fired by pressing the left mouse button or touching its screen and eliminating all bubbles of identical color. This game can be played without any need to download files. Many people have been playing this game for a long time due to its popularity.

In fact, most of the versions of this game have an online feature that you can use. It is quite simple to play it online through Google or other programs. It is the popular game that can be played by everyone.