Planning a day trip, much less a camping trip, can be stressful if you’re busy. No matter how often you check and double-check, you’ll forget something! It’s happened too many times to count, and it can feel like a gamble figuring out what is going to slip through the cracks this time.

Worse yet, items like a battery pack aren’t usually at the top of our minds when thinking about the great outdoors. However, leaving home without one means an early death for your phone as well.

Never fear, for this blog, we have put together a family-focused approach with this list of solar-powered kids camping gear for your next camping trip. With these new gadgets, you and your kids will never have to worry about running out of power again.

A Multipurpose Safety Must-Have

Former police officer and now investigator, David Paulides, has found that thousands go missing in national parks across the United States each year. The data is definitive: getting lost in the great outdoors is beyond easy and exceptionally dangerous.

This is why the Outdoor Tactical Paracord Bracelet is an absolute essential. First of all, it looks cool, so you should have no trouble getting your child to wear one. It’s highly adjustable and can fit wrists of any size, with an exceptionally loud built-in whistle to boot.

It’s possible, albeit terrifying, that your child could wander too far from your campsite and get lost in the process. In theory, they shouldn’t be too far, but without a way for them to make noise, there would be no way of locating them. You’d have to hope that you get lucky. No parent likes those odds.

With a built-in whistle, all your child has to do is stay put and sound the alarm! The sound of the whistle would travel much further than their voice, and they’d be less likely to get tired from blowing it than they would from yelling. This tactical bracelet even has a built-in compass for easy navigation making it our number one choice for kids camping gear. 

Waterproof, Reliable Charging Powered by the Sun

Have you ever noticed how long it takes to charge a battery pack? You could plug it in on Thursday and still not have it ready by Friday afternoon. Even then, having it constantly plugged in makes it easy to forget. 

Before you know it, you’ve got the kids in the van and are running out the door with your bag in hand, except you forgot the battery pack — the one thing standing between you and a litany of dead phones.

A better alternative is the Solar Power Bank With LED Flashlight, which you can just throw in the glove compartment and always have ready. You don’t need to plug in this power bank because it gets all its energy from the sun. 

At full capacity, it can fully charge your average iPhone up to 10 times. You can charge this power bank via the traditional plug-in method and wait to get a full charge or use the solar charging option that is much more convenient. 

One great feature that puts it on our list of best kids camping gear is its built-in dual flashlights. These bright LED lights can be used to navigate through the woods in the dark. This is a waterproof power bank that you don’t have to plug in to charge — that doubles as a safety tool!

No More Arguments Over the Charger

Let’s face it, our kids are going to fight over the charging cable. How many times have you heard that go down? If this is a frequent occurrence on your camping or day trips, then you’ve got two choices. You could either put up with it until they are old enough to move out, or you could rely on this Power Charging Station Tower to solve the problem.

This station tower comes with a six-foot-long power cord that can be plugged into a generator. 

With it fully set, you get access to the following:

  • Nine AC outlets
  • Four USB ports
  • Smart USB charging
  • Four sides of sockets

Don’t worry about this tower overheating or becoming a potential fire hazard because its entire exterior is made out of fire-resistant ABS plastic. One of its best features is its anti-slip base, which you can reliably set anywhere and trust in its ability to hold steady.

This high-powered, no-nonsense gadget is a unique camping gadget that is geared toward those who consistently head out and set up extensive camping grounds.

A Stress-Free Camping Experience

A stress-free camping experience, is it even possible? Well, the more you prepare and the better the gadgets at your disposal, the more likely you are to have one. 

You might forget a few things, but as long as you ensure you have the essential kids camping gear to keep your devices charged and your children safe, you’ll manage just fine. The number one go-to stop for that is our store for all your traveling and camping needs.