Did you know that Florida has brought 13 strangers (and many more) people together?

A simple drive or vacation to a sunny state can change your life in the right direction. If you want to discover all that Florida has to offer, you shouldn’t limit your ideas to the most common. Step outside your comfort zone this season and plan something original. 


Keep reading to find unique things to do in Naples Florida! 

1. Naples Botanical Gardens 

Within a mile of the downtown district, you can find the Naples Botanical Gardens. 

You can walk the gardens as a couple, with your kids, or alone and find peace. The natural beauty of the flowers and plants will distract you from negative thoughts and stress. This is one of the best places in Florida since it produces so much peace. 

There is a children’s garden with explorative activities. Volunteers help teach kids how animals eat, how plants grow, and more! 

2. Tour Naples Depot

What was once a lively train station has become an intriguing museum in the center of Naples. 

Located on Fifth Avenue South and Tin City, you can see the iconic train and head inside. Local artists, car enthusiasts, and train history fill the cars, but there’s more to explore. Antique boats, marine artifacts, and Army field pieces also hold a spot in this museum. 

What makes this stop so great is that it’s geared toward children. You can let your kids explore and discover trains without worries. 

3. Visit Tin City 

Groovy vibes, colors, and bohemian styles can be found in Tin City.

Tin City will transport you to the 70s, where you can explore the latest trends and art. Many local artists, such as Naples Olive Company and Art Boutique, have booths in the store. You can explore beautiful pieces surrounded by magic and Peace Frogs. 

To complete your stay, check out these Florida vacation rentals. Once you’ve solidified your lodging, you can start planning exciting events! 

4. Stay at the Everglades Rod & Gun Club

If you’re interested in renting a vacation home that takes you back in time, Everglades City is recommended.

The Everglades Rod and Gun Club is known for bringing the 1890s back to life. Although this might be a small town, there is plenty of history, art, and nature to discover. Since the beginning of its time, five presidents have been in office and some of the most profound artists have lived. 

5. Send a Shiver Down Your Spine on Marco Island

Planning a vacation in Florida can be boring if you don’t consider your options. 

You can go on the Marco Island Ghost Tour and discover the rich and spooky history of the land. The tour lasts about 2 hours and will leave you asking more questions than you began with. Having ghost-hunting equipment on ghost tours adds an extra layer of excitement to your ghostly adventure. If you schedule a tour, you’ll visit a haunted inn, Indian burial site, and cemetery. 

Have You Planned Unique Things to Do in Naples Florida? 

If you don’t want to visit the beaches or Disney, you have other options in Florida.

Finding unique things to do in Naples Florida can help you plan an unforgettable trip. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore somewhere new. 

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