A tiny cup with a special flavour and delicious scent. An espresso, that is! A delightful coffee brew that is adored by people worldwide and also improves both the body and mind. The perfect espresso is hard to make. It needs, at the very least, great coffee beans, a good brewing formula, and a well-maintained espresso machine and grinder. It’s also important for you to understand the proper methods of making espresso. Here are our secrets to making the perfect espresso. 

  1. Clean and maintain your coffee machine 

Make sure your portafilter is clean and tidy before adding coffee to it. Because your future espresso may taste overly extracted due to both moisture and residual grinds. And after every serving, make sure everything is clean. Rinse the group head, clean the basket, and replace the portafilter in the group head. Also, use a coffee machine Descaler now and then. Making the next espresso a lot simpler, quicker, and nicer. 

  1. Use the correct dose 

This seems to be quite simple. Using an on-demand grinder, all you have to do is press a button with your hand or portafilter, and the grinder will deliver your dosage. If you want to be a real professional, measure your amount on a scale beforehand. This makes sure that your extraction will be accurate. 

  1. Set up your grounds in the portafilter 

Your grinder will probably dose the coffee grinds into a pyramid or mountain shape in the portafilter’s basket. This indicated that the coffee grounds are not evenly split, so if you don’t spread them before tamping, certain areas of the basket will have more coffee and some less.  

  1. Tamp consistently and evenly 

Tamping is the process of getting rid of any air pockets in the coffee puck and leveling it all the way. Tamp the puck horizontally for so long and so “hard” that it seems compressed – that is, it stops falling out. 

  1. Don’t forget the yield and brew time 

Know your brew time if you’re using a volumetric machine. If the extraction time was either too short or too long, you might want to create a fresh espresso and/or review your grind size and dose. When using a manual espresso machine, be mindful of your yield. 

Pay attention to these tips if you’re looking for the ultimate coffee experience, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the perfect espresso with each brew!