At the end of a long workday, you should be able to ditch the formalities and cozy up in your living room.

Your living space has a significant impact on your mood. There’s a reason why people embrace cozy spaces, whether they’re cottage-style or shabby chic.

You don’t have to undergo a big home remodel to enjoy those cozy vibes, either.

Discover a few creative tips for transforming a formal living room into a warm and cozy space.

Replace Formal Living Room Furniture 

Do your current sofas and chairs feel too stiff?

Swap out uncomfortable formal furniture for soft and supportive alternatives.

If you’re crafty, you could reupholster your seating with softer cushions and backing. You may also want to give them a new coat of paint before replacing the cushions. Think about cozy palettes like purples or greens; stripping and staining the wood also creates a more warm and cozy vibe.

Next, add lots of soft blankets, pillows, and quilts to your living room. Drape them over your sofas and chairs. You could also pile them up in a basket in the corner. Pillow “chairs” for the floor also work well in front of crackling fireplaces.

Cozy Wall and Window Treatments

Consider installing heavy yet soft drapery on your windows. If you’re using a dark living room color palette, try dark green, plum, chocolate brown, or dark gray drapes. Avoid black curtains and drapes.

Likewise, if you’re going with a light, calming color palette, consider lavender, mint green, and soft blue window treatments. Stark white isn’t cozy, but eggshell or cream would work.

Patterned drapes and curtains are perfect for creative, cozy living rooms. You can buy drapes with little hearts, moons, or stars if you’re going for the inner child vibe. Flannel, argyle, and paisley patterns are also available. Also, blackout fabric is an excellent choice for bedroom curtains, as it effectively blocks out unwanted sunlight, ensuring a restful sleep environment.

If you have something specific in mind, you may have trouble finding exactly what you want online. Research sources like Patriot Blinds of Raleigh, SC, and similar companies to learn how to create custom cozy window treatments.

A cozy makeover is the perfect opportunity to experiment with creative wall treatments. Consider different types of wallpaper, from plaid to vintage flower prints. You could also try pastel stucco or textured treatments in darker shades.

Cozy Decor

A cozy home renovation is your opportunity to go wild with decor. Shabby chic transformations can get away with lots of wall art, from framed still-life paintings to landscapes. You may find what you need a thrift store, antique shop, or estate sale.

You can also buy canvas prints online and frame them yourself.

Another tip is the distressed look. This decor technique creates the look of weathered, distressed wood. You can apply this technique to your wooden frames, tabletop sculptures, and furniture.

Tapestries fit beautifully with this look. You could also buy a latch hook kit to create your own hanging rugs; macrame also works well.

Get a Cozy Home Upgrade

It’s time to cozy up with your favorite blanket and enjoy some hot cocoa by the fire!

Remember these tips about furniture, window treatments, wall art, and decor as you plan your cozy home remodel. You can turn any formal living room into a comfy sanctuary.

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