Winters are too long for me in New York, but it is nice to get cozy and make the most of it. There are lots of great Hygge items for your home, or as gifts for others. Who doesn’t enjoy some cozy wintertime items! The principles of Hygge are meant to embody things such as comfort and togetherness.

Here are some great Hygge items for your home or others.


Blankets are a must in our house, and we have quite a few!  These are perfect for beds, throws, and more. Keep them on hand for snuggling on the couch at any time.

I love the new chunky knit blanket styles.

Cozy Sweaters

One of the essential parts of the colder months is staying cozy in winter clothes. Being cold can be draining, but a cozy sweater that keeps you warm and you feel good in, is a great treat.

A soft, cozy sweater is the perfect winter essential for staying warm and relaxing.


I enjoy burning candles in the winter, for both their smell and the ambiance of a glowing flame. Dim the lights and burn some candles for a peaceful and soothing environment.

Candle from LittleWhiteKitchenCo

Cozy Socks

A good pair of warm socks is not just good for keeping your feet warm, but managing your utility bill, so that you can keep the heat turned to a reasonable temperature without overspending on your heating bills.

Tea / Mug

I find myself sipping hot tea all winter long. 

I love good tea and a nice cozy mug to enjoy it from.

Mug from cybershoppers

You can also find a cozy wrap for your mug!

Mug cozy from NandysNook


Make your couch or bed more cozy with the addition of some pillows, which add to the ambiance but come in handy for snuggling, using as a pillow under your head, and so on.

Book Accessories

I love snuggling up on the couch with a good book! Winter is a wonderful time to catch up on some good reading.

Bookmark from 77Arts

Warming Items

Anything to keep you warm in the winter is certainly the perfect accessory! Consider something like a heated neck warmer that is lavender scented to help warm up and relax.

Neck wrap from peacemakerstudio

Yummy smells

From baking cookies to mulling spices, making your house smell good is part of the cozy ambiance.

Simmering Spices from BristolBotanicals