Getting the best new kicks is like shopping for the latest clothes. To get them, shop at the stores that sell them. While you can find new sneakers in early-bird specials and promotions, if you miss these short-lived opportunities, you can always count on the brands themselves to sell you the kicks you’re looking for. 

Ultimately, if you have the cash, you can get the kicks you want. Even if a store is out of stock, you can join their waitlist or check other stores associated with the shoes you want. Often, you can find your new kicks at clothing stores or through activewear suppliers that also sell them.

When it comes to new kicks, like attracts alike. So, if a brand is out of the sneakers you want, check out other stores that sell trending products that reflect the same ideals of the sneaker brand. For example, if you want the latest running shoes, visit a popular activewear store to see if they’re also sold there. For more information on how to spot the best new kicks like those at Kicks Lounge, read on. 

Shop at trendy footwear stores like Kicks Lounge.

There’s a good chance that the sneakers you want are at the hottest stores. Shop in person or online at trending footwear stores to locate the best new kicks. You can also be put on mailing lists for new arrivals if the shoes you’re looking for are currently out of stock. As long as you stay active on sites like Kicks Lounge and check your email frequently for updates, there is a strong chance you’ll score a pair for yourself. 

Wait in long lines.

Major sneaker stores like Kicks Lounge will often advertise for limited-time sales on sneakers that have just come out by big brands or that most customers want. If you’re willing to stand outside of the stores that have these offers, you can try your luck at scoring a pair of new kicks. In these situations, it’s often first come, first serve, so be sure to get there early for the best chances at getting your hands on the new kicks you’ve been wanting. 

Check online for bulk supply listings. 

Another way to find the new kicks you want is to check online independent seller listings. Sometimes, there is an overstock of sneakers sold to businesses like Kicks Lounge and individuals in the closer circles of big brands. These individuals will sell these shoes for less online. Check out listings in your area or that are available to ship and see if you can spot the kicks you want this way. 

Act quickly to get your new kicks before they’re gone. 

Today, sporting the best footwear, especially the best kicks, is a must. With limited-time selections, consumers are acting fast. Get the kicks you want by looking for them proactively at stores like Kicks Lounge or through the other methods suggested above. The kicks you want are out there; grab them before they’re gone.