Working from home can have plenty of distractions, but when you are trying to work from home when your kids are home, it can make it a lot more complicated.  Here are some tips to help you get some quality work done.

Try to start early

Take advantage of any time that you might be able to fit in before the kids are awake, or when they are slowly waking up.  You may find that there are more distractions as the day goes on, and that early morning is the best time to get work done.

Prioritize Your Work

Try to prioritize your tasks and figure out when the best time is to accomplish those tasks.  For instance, a conference call might be best done during nap time or another time you can rely on a quiet block of time. Create checklists or organize your work in blocks so that you can keep track of your progress.

Utilize toys and strategic screen time

For younger children, be strategic with your use of toys or screen time.  You can rotate or introduce new toys so that you have a better chance of the kids being occupied. Consider things like craft kits that keep kids entertained.

Set a schedule

Create a schedule for your children.  For example, set a specific lunch time so that there aren’t as many interruptions with kids asking about what time there will be food. Establish routines to help create consistency, with rules that the kids can follow. Not only can a children’s schedule be useful, but chore charts can also be handy.

Plan meals

Have meals planned out to minimize time spent on meal prep. You can combine meal planning and meal prep so that meal time is less stressful. Use a meal planning calendar or notebook to keep your plans organized, from shopping lists to recipes.

Push off housework & other commitments

Depending on how long you are working from home – a day versus weeks or all the time – you can put off chores and housework until another time.  Don’t overcommit yourself with activities either.  For example, don’t offer to host a party at your house on a Friday night when you have to work from home all week.  Set realistic expectations!  Your kids are only young for a short period of time, so you may need to cut down on things like social obligations if you are going to balance home and work life.

Take advantage of help

Utilize tools and help when you can.  Kids are able to help with chores at a young age, so you can have them help out around the house during the day. This can also be a good tool to encourage them to complete tasks to earn things like screen time.

Be Organized

Consider things like a planner or a calendar to stay organized. Use tools such as planners, checklists, alarms, and more.