Being a travel nurse might be the right career choice if you have a sense of adventure. It’s a great way to explore different parts of the country and gain new experiences.

Travel nurses get paid well because hospitals need them to fill critical staffing gaps. Most travel nursing agencies, like Onward Healthcare, provide housing stipends and other perks.


What are the benefits of travel nursing? Whether assisting in a disaster area, working on a team in a field hospital, or providing care in a popular vacation spot, you can experience it all as a travel nurse. You’ll be doing the work you love and experiencing new faces and places that need your professional expertise.

The demand for traveling nurses is high, so you’ll have many opportunities to select a location that fits your interests. Want to visit the Big Apple? Choose a travel nursing assignment in New York. Do you prefer sunny climates? Look for a job in California or Florida.

Choosing a location close to family and friends will allow you to spend time with them. However, building deep relationships can take longer because travel nurses move on to new assignments every few months. A robust network can make the transition between jobs easier and provide support in challenging times. A strong network can also help you land a permanent staff position when the time comes.

No Long-Term Commitment

If you need help determining where you want to live long-term, a career in travel nursing lets you try different locations for extended periods. You can also take breaks between assignments to explore the area you’re in or visit family and friends.

Travel nurses work in various healthcare facilities nationwide, from bustling city hospitals to remote clinics. This enables them to experience new work environments, medical practices, and cultures.

Plus, working at multiple facilities gives them a wide range of nursing experiences to add to their resume, making them more attractive to permanent staff nurses when they decide to move to a full-time position. This flexibility can also reduce the risk of burnout by keeping things fresh and exciting, which is essential in any job.

Flexibility in Your Schedule

As a travel nurse, you can work at various healthcare facilities. From top research hospitals to rural community centers, you’ll gain experience and expand your skill set in new settings. This helps keep your job exciting and showcases your versatility to future employers.

Travel nurses earn up to four times the pay rates of traditional nursing jobs. This can help you pay off student loans or even buy a home. You can take on multiple assignments and fill your bank account quickly!

The flexibility of a travel nursing career can be beneficial, but it is only suitable for some. You’ll frequently travel to different locations and may be away from family and friends for extended periods. If this concerns you, a permanent nursing job better fits your needs. However, you’ll also be able to build up a robust professional network while pursuing your passion for nursing.

Flexibility in Your Career Path

A career in travel nursing allows nurses to gain experience in various environments and hospitals. This variety can help nurses build their skills and prepare for future staff nurse roles. It can also provide an opportunity to work in prestigious healthcare organizations that look great on a resume.

Additionally, a career in travel nursing can be an opportunity to explore new places and cultures. However, some travel nurses may struggle to maintain close friendships with friends and family when moving between contracts. Additionally, it can be challenging to keep up with medical and personal bills when working in different locations.

Another potential drawback to a career in travel nursing is the need for consistent compensation from a salaried position. However, many travel nurse agencies provide 24-hour support for their nurses to ensure they are getting the help they need. Travel nurses also often receive non-taxable stipends and reimbursements that can add up quickly. This additional income can make a significant difference in overall pay.

Flexibility in Your Lifestyle

If you’re the type to get restless with a job in one place for an extended period, a career in travel nursing can offer you the opportunity to explore the country or even the world while working at top healthcare facilities. Travel nurses can often rearrange their schedules and assignments well in advance, allowing them to explore during their downtime or visit family between contracts.

Another perk of a travel nurse career is the opportunity to build an extensive professional network. Not only will you meet new permanent staff members at each hospital, but you’ll also be able to establish connections with fellow travelers and recruiters. These relationships can be invaluable when landing a permanent nursing position after completing your travel assignments.