Social media can easily take up a big part of our day, from scrolling through Facebook to watching TikTok videos. From wasting time to social media taking a mental toll, it is good to take a step away every so often. How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through posts, only to be surprised at just how much time has passed? Or realized that social media is having a negative effect?

Here are some tips to help reduce the impact of social media on your life.

Reduce / Turn Off Notifications 

One of the things that can serve as a big distraction to our day are notifications, popping up as we go through our daily routine.  Many notifications are things that are not time sensitive, but they add to fracturing our day.  Ever go on your phone for one thing, only to find yourself endlessly scrolling an hour later?  Social media can wait until later!

Set a Timer / Limits

Use a time or app timer to reduce the amount of time that you spend on social media. You may find yourself surprised at how quickly 20 minutes goes by, and a timer can be helpful in limiting mindless scrolling.

Mute / Unfollow

Social media can have a negative effect on you, from toxic people to things that make you feel badly about yourself. The same as setting boundaries in your life, it helps to set boundaries on social media as well, so that you limit seeing things that are negative to your life.  For example, mute or unfollow people that you don’t talk to, who are unhealthy influences.

Schedule specific times for social media

Come up with a time that you specifically enjoy social media.  For example, during your lunch break or even in the bathtub.  Find times to use social media as a treat, not just a habit.

Make phone-free times

Be aware of when not to use your device. For example, at a meal or when you are hanging out with others. At work, or when you need to be focusing on something.

Be aware of your use

Try to be conscious of when you are on your phone. Think about being present when you are around others. Set a good example for kids, so that you are not distracted by social media while you are around them.