If you have a small kitchen that you’d like to give a new lease of life to, painting it is one great way of achieving this. But what colours should you consider the most? Let’s look at the best colours to paint a small kitchen.

Blue Shades

One fairly popular choice to paint a small kitchen is to go with blue shades. Going with the right blue for your small kitchen can add a feel of nature and potentially make the space feel larger than it is. 

There are, of course, many blue shades to choose from. Dulux recommends Bright Skies and First Dawn to give some examples of specific products.

In general, calming blues can evoke images of a blue summer sky. Real Homes provides an example where certain fixtures (e.g. cabinets and shelves) were painted sky blue while the walls had a white-ish tone to them. 

And on that note, in general, painting your kitchen can mean painting the walls, or it can mean simply painting certain fixtures to complement the walls. However, you may want to have both the walls and various fixtures painted, although it would rarely make sense to paint everything the same colour.

Yellow Tones

Yellow can introduce a glorious sunshine atmosphere to your kitchen. Popular examples include punchy sunflower and gentle lemon curd. Also, Dulux offers products like Pale Citrus and Lemon Tropics.

Aside from simply opting to add yellow tones to your kitchen, you may be interested in creating a yellow, black and white kitchen. These colours, when applied in the right way and in the right places in a kitchen, can create a great overall aesthetic.

Opting for white or greyish walls and cabinets along with black features (e.g. microwave, parts of the oven, etc.) can work well alongside yellow tones. The yellows may be present with the addition of fake yellow flowers, yellow-ish curtains and more.

Lilac Haze

Soft lilacs can act as a stunning addition to a kitchen space. You may want to make use of various purples, for that matter, for the ideal look.

While you may want to have the walls painted a warm lilac, you could have cabinets painted in a deeper purple. These serene tones can add opulence to the space and look great juxtaposed with white surfaces and suitable golden-coloured fixtures (e.g. taps).

It’s important to remember that whatever colours you may wish to add to your kitchen, be sure to consider various kitchen ideas with regards to paint colours, the colours of fixtures/fittings you may want to add and how it may all look together when the work is complete. 

It’s best to consult with a designer or professional painter before hiring a painter to perform the work so that you can plan ahead and get it right. You may want to undertake this work DIY, but you should only do so where safe and suitable and so long as you have the right skills and knowledge. If in doubt, hire a professional.

White And Off-White

White and off-white are among the most popular colours to paint a kitchen with. Using these tones, along with the inclusion of some fixtures with natural wood (e.g. a standalone cabinet), can work well together.

Also, white-painted walls in a kitchen can help make the room feel larger with a light and airy look and feel to it.

Pastel Colours

Last but not least, you should also consider introducing pastels to your kitchen. While we’ve touched a little on these already (e.g. yellows), it’s important to give it more focus on its own accord.

Along with adding plenty of character and aesthetic value to your kitchen, pastels can, as with various other tones, make the room feel larger. According to House Beautiful, nearly 3/4s of homeowners prefer a pastel kitchen. 

So, if these colours appeal to you, why not start your search today? Of course, the same goes regardless of what colours you may want to introduce to your small kitchen, both in terms of painting and with the addition of fixtures and fittings.