Cleaning your home is a never-ending job. You can clean your rooms one by one, and once you are finally done, you can return to the first one and start from the beginning. It is unbelievable how quickly areas of your home can become messy or dirty, especially if you have pets or kids. This is why it is important to work smarter, not harder. Use the following tricks to keep your house looking its very best at all times. 

Reduce dust in your home 

Dusting is a crucial part of every cleaning process, especially for people with allergies or asthma. To eliminate dust as much as possible, take your shoes off at the entrance, so you do not bring dirt on them inside. Also, keep your windows and doors closed, and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. If you own an air purifier, make sure you replace the air filters on time.

Get rid of things you do not use on a regular basis

It’s hard to maintain a clean home when it is full of items you rarely (or never) use. Decluttering your place on a regular basis will help you have a clean space that is easy to maintain, and has fewer distractions. When you are ready to get rid of things you do not love or use, start slow. It is important to tackle one area at a time, so you do not get overwhelmed. Some of the areas you should declutter often are your closet, your pantry, and your bathroom cabinets. Get rid of food and medications that are past their expiration date, and donate clothes you do not wear. Also, go over those piles of documents you have saved, and see which ones are no longer valid. You may have a bunch of warranty certificates for appliances that you threw away some time ago or receipts that have become useless. 

Do not rinse your dishes

If you have a dishwasher and you spend time rinsing the dishes thoroughly before placing them in the machine, you are basically doing the same job twice. Nowadays cleaning detergents are so powerful, that they easily dissolve the food particles left on your dishes, so save yourself some time and skip the rinsing. However, you should still scrape away and throw larger pieces of food into the garbage before loading dishes into the machine.

Easily remove smudges with vinegar

Stainless steel appliances sure look pretty, but we can all agree that they seem perpetually smudged. Instead of wasting a fortune on store-bought products, use white vinegar and a microfiber cloth to keep your appliances, countertops, and sink looking their best. Just spray some white vinegar on them, rub them with the cloth, and then rinse with a damp cloth. Buff until they are shiny and you are done. 

Maintain outdoor furniture with salt and lemon

It is the end of the season, and your outdoor furniture is ready to be stored away. Before you put it away, clean it thoroughly so it is ready for the spring. The easiest and quickest way to remove grime is to spray it with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. 

Let your microwave clean itself

Cleaning the microwave, especially after a nasty spill, can be a daunting task. Instead of wasting your time scrubbing it top to bottom, make your life easier by placing a bowl of water with some lemon slices in it. Turn on the microwave and heat on high until the water is boiling. Wait ten minutes, open the microwave, and simply wipe all the dirt off with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With these clever tricks, you will keep your home clean without a lot of effort.