Finding the time to bond with your children is difficult, but essential. We’re all so busy that it can be hard to carve out even a few moments with our little ones, but it’s something all parents need to do – bonding means you’ll have a much better relationship with your kids as time goes on, and you can help shape them into good people at the same time. 

If you’re struggling to find time to bond, it could be because you’re trying to look for ways to do it outside of the house, perhaps on day trips or even vacations. However, what you really need could be literally outside your back door; you might find it’s easy to use your garden to bond with your children. With that in mind, here are some ways it can be done. 

Garden Together 

One of the best and most obvious ways to bond with your children in the garden is to actually garden together. This is a great way to teach your children all about being responsible, having patience, and understanding more about the beauty of nature, so it’s a good plan to follow – plus, the need to keep your backyard looking lovely never ends, so there will always be something to do, no matter what time of the year it is, meaning you can make gardening with your children a regular thing to look forward to and do together. 

Of course, if your garden is huge or it’s got a bit out of control because no one’s been taking care of it, it’s best to get it into good condition before you start, otherwise, you might find it’s too overwhelming and your children get bored. Get in touch with experts like those at and have them tidy things up for you, and even rearrange the yard so it looks better, and then you can get on with the bonding without any distractions. 

Eating Outside 

Another great way to use your backyard to bond with your children is to eat out there as much as possible. Picnics and barbecues are classic ways to bond with your family, and you’ll all be getting some fresh air too. 

It all starts with preparing the food, and the kids can be involved in that as well. If you’re having a picnic, you can get it all ready in the kitchen and then bring it outside to eat on a blanket on the lawn or perhaps round a table on your deck or patio. If you’re grilling, that’s the perfect opportunity to teach your kids some lessons about safety and how to cook on a barbecue – plus you might want to make some side dishes together. 

You can even bring a normal meal outside to eat rather than sitting in front of the TV. In that way, you’ll talk to each other, ask about everyone’s day, and so on, and you’ll bond much more. You’ll probably only be able to do this during the summer and perhaps spring, but even so, it’s better than not doing it at all. 

Outdoor Games

You’ll want your kids to be as active and healthy as possible, but you don’t have to go to the park or head out anywhere to make sure it happens, and they don’t have to join a team or play any sports either; you’ve got everything you need in your backyard. 

The simplest way to get fitter using your backyard is to run around in it, so if you want to bond with your children and also ensure they’re as healthy as possible, make up some games where the object is to run around, collect things, solve puzzles, and so on. As long as they’re active, it doesn’t matter. You can also play things like catch, garden sports, hide and seek, frisbee, and more. The key is to join in if you want to bond; don’t just sit and watch, but get involved, and you’ll make some great memories in your own backyard. 


Sometimes the best bonding moments come from simply relaxing with one another and enjoying each other’s company, and being out in the backyard gives you the ideal opportunity to relax – it’s worth taking it. 

Although there are lots of ways to do this, one that’s really fun is to install a hammock where you can all fit (or a number of hammocks if that makes more sense). This can be the place where you share stories, talk about your day, or just rest in the garden. You’ll hear the sounds of nature, feel the sun on your face, and get to just be with your kids; what could be better?